The Story of Duskwood; The flight master.

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The Story of Duskwood; The flight master.

Post by Marticore on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:16 pm

Statement of the Duskwood Event

Some say the Chapter of Holy Anethion managed to achieve their first victory in the dark woods of Dusk. Their efforts driving back foul cultists and alike. Many had indeed fallen to their preach, burned to ashes in their crusade against whomever dares to speak in foul words about the Light. As Duskwood was left behind ruined during their first invasion their self-rightouges glory became stronger then ever before. However, so much happened beyond their limited sight. So much was planned and prepared for while they brought their words from shadow to shadow. Despite their cleansing, it has been their task to return to Duskwood in aim to once again rid this Kingdom of a foul pleague. A pleague in figure of flesh and blood. The question remains, is their glory still as strong as when they left?

Unfortunate news for all of Duskwood. After nigthfall, Friday the fouth of June. Stormwind, Westfall and Lakeshire seem unable to send their trusted gryfons over to the Dark Forest. Every flight send in has returned. Some say the beasts are just stupid and grown unable to fly propperly. Other speak of fire, a great bright light reaching up to the heaves for a single moment in time. The night was quiet, espcially for a town alike Duskwood in times of war. The Holy Chapter of Anethion taking their main forces over to the Pleaguelands, in battle against the powerfull scourge and horde. However, with their forces facing one direction in order to express their faith and glory about the light... The poor Flight master met the cold gaze of death. Consumed alive in bright yellow flames along with her most trusted beasts.
She was protected once by the pressence of the Chapter, but now with their force away she met death's embrace. A shame, for she always worked so hard to bring every soul willing to take flight upon any gryfon to any destination. Dear Flight master, may Duskwood bring rest upon your soul.


And so, in reply to the Chapters intrusion, The Dark Sphere has laid waste on the flight master located near Darkshire. With the chapter's absence, the attack has been made. What does this mean?: For those not interested in Darkshire, it means nothing. Your life will not be affected, you may wail to whereever you please. For those who are involved, or interested in Duskwood or Darkshire. With the Flight Master's demise it will be difficult to reach the Town, as flights will not be possible.
Naturally we cannot ingore the aspect and technical functions of WoW and using the flightmaster to reach Darkshire with ease is possible, however for correct interpertation I'd suggest to take flight, and then 'walk' into Town by horse or foot from either the south or North direction.

Meanwhile, a message has been send to Lakeshire and Stormwind regarding this event. The rumors of the flightmaster finding her death by cultists hands and regarding flights unable to reach Duskwood.

For any information, or discussion regarding this subject, please feel free to contact me in-game I will answer all of your questions or comment accordingly.

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Re: The Story of Duskwood; The flight master.

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:49 pm

((The heck did the gryphons do? Sad ))


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Re: The Story of Duskwood; The flight master.

Post by Jayse on Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:31 am


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Re: The Story of Duskwood; The flight master.

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