War in Quel'thelas!

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War in Quel'thelas!

Post by Kristeas Sunbinder on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:16 pm

*Small animated crystal phoenixes fly along the walls, occasionally stopping when people venture close to them. Attached to them with golden chains are simple parchments with a thalassian text written in black letters, adorned with the Icon of Blood.*

Brothers and sisters of the sun!

Look around the city, the tall, ruby colored spires, the green grass and the water in all the blue colors you can imagine! Considering what the city and what we all have been through, is it not amazing?

But look outside the embrace of our city's walls as well! The dead scar, a mark on the land as permanent as the war is on history. The endless waves of the restless dead that march upon our gates. The Amani trolls that still seek to claim our nation.

And further south, where the alliance in their greed want land that was never theirs. For now they take ruins, vermin infested mines and barren soil in their greed, but it is the verdant forest of Eversong and its villages, and magnificent Silvermoon itself that they seek.

There are those who bravely fight the alliance, who kill and die in defense of Quel'thalas. But -you- know, as do all, that they are not enough. Much we have lost that have yet to be regained in the past eight years.

Indeed, we do not stand alone, not anymore. But those that stand with us today, stand with us for the day only.

Everyone has their place; on the field of battle, among books of ancient knowledge, with hammer in hand applying millenia of perfected craftsmanship into our buildings, weapons and armor, in the fertile fields tending the land that sustains our people.

Can you truly claim that you done all that you can? Or do you think yourself spared from more effort out of loss no greater than what we have all suffered? We are Sin'dorei, we are the future of Quel'thalas. Regardless of loss, we all have it in us to become more than we were before. Step up to the fight, with sword and shield, bow and arrow, spell or with hammer, needle or saw. -Your- effort will be what makes certain that the Sun will continue to shine upon the glory of Quel'thalas!

Go south! Go to the Ghostlands and strike your first blow against the greed of the Alliance. Wait not for tomorrow when your brothers and sisters fall to the enemy today!

Kristeas Sunbinder, Councilor of War


OOC: This is an IC motivation for the blood elves that want to join events, mostly those outside Silvermoon with PvP elements. So in case you didn't have an IC motive, but wanted to come OOC'ly, here is your excuse. I advice that people bring an RP set as well. Both "RP-gear only" and "Any gear goes" rule-sets can be used for events, determined on a case-by-case basis.
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Re: War in Quel'thelas!

Post by Antistia on Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:39 am

Nice one, Kris.

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