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[A - IC]Theater of Stories

Post by Rakshine/Vect on Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:39 am

*A few posters are put up all around Stormwind*
Ever interested in acting? Living through sad, amazing, fun and interesting stories? Ever actually thought to act and become Uther for a moment? Well now there is a chance!

Theater of Stories is created to bring theatrical plays to the crowds. Ranging from small stories, to big battles with the Alliance and the Horde.

Currently casting: The story of Morgan Ladimore.
2)Morgan Ladimore
3)Sarah Ladimore / Citizen
4)Lys Ladimore / The Undead / Citizen
5)Unnamed daughter / Cemetary's attendant / Undead
6)Unnamed Son / Cemetary's attendant / Undead
7)Uther the Lightbringer / Cemetary's attendant
8)The Priest / Undead / Citizen

IF you are interested, contact me by sending me a letter or find me in Stormwind.

-Rakshine Andore



I have had this idea of making a theatrical group on my warlock a long time ago. But because people were not that interested, it ended up making him do one man plays, all on his own.

What this is, is a IC-RP group and a alliance side event, on recreating stories and events that have happened. Someone asked if it would be possible to actually make Arthases story, from a prince to the Lich King. I say, <Yes> It is possible. But it needs alot of dedication and help.

This is why i'm posting this. To look for actors, help and people with a set of mind who wont be shy to rp act infront of people.

I have made a script for Morgan Ladimore already, i have a couple of positions taken, so don't expect to be the top charracters. First come, first serve Smile

Some parts that are easy, require to play other charracters aswell. Like:
Lys Ladimore / The Undead / Citizen. <= That shows, that who takes this part, will play as Lys Ladimore in one part. Anotehr part will be a ravenous Scourgeling, and another part, a Citizen to a town.

But if you happen to be interested or have questions, whisper me in game or send me a letter.

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