The Truth

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The Truth

Post by Jayse on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:14 am

(A short exerpt into Jayse's mind I suppose, as if musing to himself or speaking to somone that isn't there. Not sure how to describe it fully, perhaps a diary entry?)

Convictions of a marked man

The annals of history are stacked on the shoulders of dead patriots.. words of valour, victory and hardship, scrawled in elaborate prose.. inked in times blood.. There have been heros.. and there have been villans.. and as we absently go on with the wool over our eyes.. the two are indistinguishable..

The grand alliance, formed under the blue banner.. the golden lion both proud and majestic.. the symbol for everything were told we stand for.. but.. a lion's pride counts for far more then nobility..

A lion defends it's territory with a calm demeanour.. stalks it's prey.. takes it's fill from the carcass.. then whatever fetid state becomes it.. and doesn't look back..

It's a soldiers duty to love his kingdom, follow his king and orders without question or hesitation.. We were those soliders.. we loved our kingdom, followed our king and his words were the hand that guided our blades.. and through this.. we became something more.. our hands stained with blood, in the name of freedom.. have grown dark..

The blind man can be excused for being ignorant, for he is without the eye's to see the truth in people's word.. thier conviction.. a jackal smile clothed in the light's virtue.. for the greater good they say.. faith shall overcome.. faith is a powerful tool to bend the will of the masses.. you hide a lie within the tomes of the church and people will not question it.. because you are the shepard guiding them like sheep to whatever pastures you so choose.. pastures of blood.. and unquestioning loyalty nurtured in fear..

We.. are no blind men.. We have the eyes to see what your doing.. your words curdle milk left undefended.. and you have afforded us.. a luxury.. you hunt us.. and perhaps were close to the end of this.. charade.. in the path you follow, you have offered us respite.. You branded us cultists.. traitors to the cause.. and you hold your tenants on high as you turn your sheep into wolves..

We.. stand watching with vigor in our hearts.. the sharpened blades of balance in our hands.. and we will move forward like whispers in the nightmares we made for ourselves..

Treasure every morning you befoul with your existence..

We.. are coming.. We.. know the truth..

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Re: The Truth

Post by Nianni Fence on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:25 am

I love your writing style \o/
an I onli fount too gramma eros (Heroes, villian)
Else I think it was great and I enjoyed reading it What a Face
Nianni Fence

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Re: The Truth

Post by Mandui on Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:48 am

Loved it <3

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Re: The Truth

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