IC Notice for all Kaldorei.

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IC Notice for all Kaldorei.

Post by Ysiele on Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:50 pm

(Announcement board in your characters current city)
(The text is elegantly written in Darnassian)

Elune-adore my Kaldorei Brothers and Sisters.
Recently it became more and more clear to me that our Kaldorei interests are very much neglected in the Stormwind Council and the Ironforge senate (as one would expect).
The council is occupied with petty politics and an ongoing campaign in Lordaeron (in which I ironically partake in, for every 'dead undead' is a step towards a better Azeroth as every well-thinking Kaldorei would agree on), and is completely neglecting Darnassian and Kalimdor affairs. This is understandable as we are, after all, talking about Humans and Dwarves.

In one of my nightly walks I had a moment of inspiration. Why not take matters in our own hands? For this I propose a weekly meeting, Kaldorei only (with possible exceptions). We will discuss Kaldorei interests, Teldrassil interests and possibly discuss how we, as Kaldorei, can improve this city as well.
This notice is a means of calculating the amount of interest in such a group. Details have yet to be fleshed out.

For more information, send a letter to Ysiele.
Or, if you see me in the city, feel free to approach.

May the Light of Elune shine brightly on your souls.

(OOC: Just discord msg me if you feel like it. Search for .shift, or Ysiele - Ben on the defias server. Cheers)


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