[A] Looking for Apprentice

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[A] Looking for Apprentice

Post by Flemk on Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:54 am

On Stormwind' noticeboards the following message can be found pinned.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Flemk Meserath is looking for an apprentice.
Such person will be also asked to fulfill the role of deputy for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The canditate is required to :
Be able to write and read a text in two different languages.
Be able to solve simple arithmetic problems.
Have fighting skills or medical knoledge or master a craft of any kind.

Such position will not provide any ordinary pay, but few reward will be given considering of the progresses made by the candidate during the apprenticeship.

Further details will be provided during the canditate's interview.

[Signed] Flemk Meserath.

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