Drae Ravencrest wishes you good fortune

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Drae Ravencrest wishes you good fortune

Post by Drae Ravencrest on Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:31 am

Hello there roleplayers of the Defias Brotherhood.

My name is Drae Ravencrest and I have been introduced to the workings of the RP community on the server I've called home for over a decade now. I've decided it's time to have a look. I'm an avid roleplayer when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons which is the only game I've been actively playing longer than WoW. Ofcourse the ins and outs of WoW RP are still new to me and mistakes will happen, please inform me if I do anything wrong I'm happy to learn.

I think the next step I have to make is fill in the population form for my character, though I'll wait with that till I've gotten the go-ahead, I don't know how in-/exclusive this community is, or at least this forum.
Drae Ravencrest

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Re: Drae Ravencrest wishes you good fortune

Post by Narin on Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:09 am

Hi Drae,

Nice to see you on the realms and forums.

As in any game there are those who are more vocal than others, the group as a whole are not exclusive in my experience. I do, however, expect some to disagree with this statement.

As I say to all new to the realm roleplayers. Have fun and do as much or as little as you want. Please feel free to add your details to the population group, although this is not essential to rping on the realm.

Welcome to the realm rp, and have fun with your stay. I suggest the add-on trp3 or trp3e, depending on the activities you are interested in.

Have seen you ic somewhere, not sure which character I was on. My advise on this realm is jump in and have fun.

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