Assault on Lady Anne Shieldheart

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Assault on Lady Anne Shieldheart

Post by Fultric on Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:30 pm

Report on case, James - "The Life-Ender"
By Eitana

After his assault on Lady Anne Shieldheart, he was found lurking around Stormwind, later on found as on one of his undead gryphons.

After a short search, he was found in Lion's rest. But managed to escape.

Rammius managed to disarm him, and take hold of one of his axes. He continued to fly around the city on his gryphon.

After securing the skies and sweeping the city.
A guard noticed there was something at the Scribe of Stormwind. We investigated an found a suspicious looking man, because of our strong suspicions, Rammius, Jove and I, have detained him, and put him in custody, and put him in an anti-magic globe, to make sure he won't escape.

He claims to be Martin McKeez, and to have a family, his wife going by the name Lisa McKeez. He will remain in custody until proven innocent.

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