Casual RP: Looking for carpenter

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Casual RP: Looking for carpenter

Post by Isadore on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:37 am

Around the city of Ironforge and Stormwind posters have been hung up pretty far in between.
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Also in regular format:
Wanted: Skilled Carpenter

Following the dwindling state of commerce in the Eastern Kingdoms, I've taken it upon myself to seek work as an itinerant. This is hardly an appealing prospect given the long
stretches of road and the possibility of no vacant beds. Urged by this predicament, I decided to allocate a fair bit of personal savings in the commision of a wagonhome. The
wagon should provide ample living space for two people, featuring room for a minor cast iron stove and bedding chambers at the back. A subtle skylight will allow the passage
of sunrays in day-hours, whilst lanterns on the exterior will allow for travel in the veil of night.
Constructing a mobile dwelling, the carpenter is expected to reach a weight appropriately hauled by a single Gilnean mountain horse. Furthermore, the wagon should be able to
withstand a variety of conditions and still sustain a stable temperature. A single door will be situated on the front of the wagon, allowing passengers to emerge beside the
driver and by extension disallow any clandestine dealings along the rear.

Hired personnel can expect to work in materials native to the southern regions of our continent. This is subject to change at the mercy of the craftsmen, but shouldn't
amount to the need for costly import. The wage will vary depending on your workload and the extent of the decor, but should reach well above the average stack of silver.

If you're willing to do the work, simply drop a letter off for Isadore at Lions Pride Inn, containing your qualifications and what else you deem noteworthy.
I'll be picking up the mail on fridays and wednesdays, replies following shortly.

Kind regards
Isadore Keaton

If no interest has been shown by the end of the month, I'll be moving on with things. NPCs will be employed instead of players and my character will proceed unhindered, allowing me to plan the next event.

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