COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

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COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

Post by John Blake on Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:46 pm



If you don't want to know anything about Blizzcon for whatever reason you have, don't open the spoiler!!!

So resumingly Blizzard JUST announced "Communities" which is similar to guilds, it has a roster, ranks, voice chat (voice chat also in guild and premade groups), calendar a few other features of the sort.
This could bring RPers together the RPPVP community much closer because one specific feature.
According to the panel they are:
Character Specific Groups;
Be in multiple communities.

Honestly it kind of sounds like a channel, but think like this: it's new and it will be on your face which could make it easier for people to join if we have a main Community for all the RPPVP RPers!

Blizzard Groups also gonna show ingame.
Oh, and also, chat history is something. Better not deposit your anger in Community/Guild chat now!

Is this going to save the RP in our community?? I think it could!
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Re: COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

Post by Praeceps on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:31 am

I did not see that particular panel, however from what I've read about it looks to me that this will be some sort of expansion on the Class Order Hall system or an expansion on the current guild system

For example:
When you go your class order hall you will not only see the people who are on your merged realmgroup but also those from other realmgroups. With new added orderhalls for professions etc
A guild for guilds

And again, most of the features you listed are already in the game:
Guilds, rosters and ranks -> no need for an explanation
Voice chat -> most people might not realise it but this is actually implemented in the game but the quality is so terrible we still resort to TS, Ventrillo or Discord.
Character specific groups -> Guilds are already character specific
Cross-Server -> with realm merges and server groups this is already a thing (but can be expanded on a lot)
Be in multiple communities -> Depending on what communities actually will be this can be either a good thing (pottentially one huge community filled with all the RP-guilds) or just some other place to afk our characters

I'll be keeping an eye on this new feature as more info is released, I can't say if I'm exited for it or not as it could be either great or it could be Garrison 3.0
But pottentially it can be a great blessing for the RPPVP community

One thing to keep in mind, Blizzard does have a habbit of announcing revamps of existing (mostly forgotten, ignored or hated) features as brand new things we could possibly need and want in the game.

Update 07/11 : I finally looked deeper into this communities thing, it looks to be an alternative to discord that is implemented into the game.

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Re: COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

Post by Ixirar on Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:33 am

The voice chat they're implementing is the same as the one in Overwatch. I.e. pretty good quality. Aside from that, yes it's basically just ingame discord.

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Re: COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

Post by Skarain on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:37 am

Discord gotta be good if Blizzard went ahead to implement it into their game.

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Re: COMMUNITIES! The Guild replacement?

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