[A] RP Adventure: Jintha'Alor, the city of the snakes

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[A] RP Adventure: Jintha'Alor, the city of the snakes

Post by Flemk on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:45 am

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The City of the Snakes

The Vilebranch tribe ruled for centuries over the Hinterlands, their empire was majestic and Jintha'Alor was the bastion of their strength.
Suddently, their empire started to fall in ruin and many scholars tried unsuccessfully to understand what would be the reason behind this decay.
Meanwhile, the Fraternity was hunting a precious artifact known as the Malash which was thought to have many astonishing life giving properties. Their researches brought them to investigate uppon the city, and they are not preparing an expedition to discover its ancient secrets.

OOC informations:
We are hoping this to be a mini series of 2 adventures (hopfully) that will take place in the Hinterlands and will be annunced in the Council in the following weeks.
Everyone who wish to join can message Kelinn-RT, Duryl-RT or Flemk-VC but consider that there will be a limited amount of spots.
The adventure will start as soon as we will succeed to put togheder a group.
We hope this will be fun! Very Happy

Requirements to join:
-Gryphonheart Item (i know that is kinda out of date but it still does its job)

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