The Thorn Family Application for a representative on council

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The Thorn Family Application for a representative on council

Post by Narin on Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:57 pm

To all who it may concern,

I am posting this on behalf of the Thorn family as I believe I am the most known who is capable of writing.

After much discussion the family felt that offering our aid to Stormwind would be a positive step at this time. We had many discussions and voted for my niece Silvi to represent us. We are a mixed group who are either people who reach out to orphans or the orphans themselves who chose to remain within the family. The group is made up of all the alliance races. We educate and train the orphans in a wide variety of skills, and are willing to offer these skills to the alliance working with you.

We do have concerns that many orphans choose a path in life that is not optimal. Should someone wish to offer advice to improve our services it would be welcome. As you are aware I do not wear the family colours as I have chosen to offer my services to the ninth company as their scribe. We have an extensive range of skills should the council require assistance in any matter.

Narin: scribe for the ninth company, and proud aunt mother and foster mother to many.


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