An undertaking: Bringing xrealm to rp between Defias Brotherhood et al. and Argent Dawn

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An undertaking: Bringing xrealm to rp between Defias Brotherhood et al. and Argent Dawn

Post by Reyxor on Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:59 am

Greetings everyone,

as the topic says there are plans I have to bring cross realm into roleplay between rp-pvp realm Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al. and the rp realm Argent Dawn.

This will take place by using cross realm invites to either realm, at first from DB to AD, so that players from DB can join roleplay on AD. I have been playing on DB for many years and don't intend to move to AD in any way on my chars, to clear it up, but since DB has less roleplay to be had, and AD is very active with it, I've taken up a task to try to connect the realms with what I can manage, and with some others this could be made possible.

What I've learned this far, it's possible to invite someone to a party on other realm, so that it's manageable, as long as few simple rules of the framework of World of Warcraft are followed.

- The char inviting first member to the group has to be from the realm, where the party is supposed to be roleplaying.

- The server changes in some situations also after being in the party, it follows these principles, that I've learned from testing it on my secondary wow accounts:

-- after portaling or changing zones (sometimes: changing zones on flight or entering some locations possibly, "not yet fully tested"), the player will, if no one else from party is already in the zone, enter the zone of his native realm, if there is player from same party in the new zone, the player will join the zone in the realm of the party member who first was in that zone (only tested between DB and AD, don't know what it does if party member from a 3rd realm is already in the zone.
Being a party leader doesn't effect at all after the party has been formed.
Example in 2 player group: I'm from DB and Player X is from AD. I'm on AD once I join the party of Player X, if I portal to Dalaran while on AD realm in different location than Dalaran, with no one else already from party at Dalaran, I will be in Dalaran on realm DB.
Another Example: If I portal to a zone from Dalaran on realm DB, and Player X is already in the zone I portal to, I will be in the zone on realm AD.
These switches in realms can be done by reportaling or by joining the group, that is already in the wanted realm.
It is important that when changing zones, the first one to enter that zone after portal (or possibly when on flight as well) is natively from the realm that the party is wanting to be in the zone else you have to reform the party starting with a player from the wanted realm, or by re-entering the zone in the order where first in the zone is from the wanted realm natively.

Basically this is what I've learned so far from testing. I can with my few accounts to deal with the matter with some practice quite well, so I think it's possible to arrange some xrealm events too. I could use some ideas and help with this, but so far I think I'm trying to involve The Ninth Company and The Argent Crusade events some on Argent Dawn, and see what can be done about it.

Since Total Roleplay 3 doesn't often read the tooltips of a player from another realm, it is advised to use an addon called XRP for Cross realm showing of some kind of detail on a tooltip. It works along with TRP3 some, only one module needs to be deactivated to make them use simultaneously. At least with it players can see options set in XRP when from another realm.

So I'd just like to inform that this is what is in the planning, and I hope there will be some interest on this.

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