Guard Training Information

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Guard Training Information

Post by Reyxor - Lucag on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:29 am

The Ninth Company has agreed to train new guards from outside guard orders. Training has started with its first event, where to be trained guards met the Ninth Company at War room of the Ministry of Defense at the Stormwind Keep.

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The training will continue, the trainees will take part on events where the trainees can learn what it takes to be a guard of the Kingdom.

An example event for training
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The Minister of Justice has come up with possible questions to be asked from the guards in training. If the trainee guard passes the interview with a set of questions, the trainee guard will recieve a trainee badge and the Stormwind guard tabard. With the trainee badge and tabard the trainee guard can work as a guard of the Kingdom of Stormwind in supervision of an exisiting guard.

Potential Interview questions:

Have you had any guard experience in the past?

What, if any, combat experience do you have?

What are the skills you are bringing to the guard?

What restrictions do you see for the skills that you bring?

What are the three virtues, and how will you apply them whilst on guard duty?

The Stormwind laws contain four sections. What are they and how do they differ?

Name two laws within each section: Crimes against the crown: Major crimes: Minor crimes: Additions.

Why did you choose those examples?

Have you, or do you intend, to break any of the laws?

Demonstrate or describe how you would deal with one of the following: (interviewer's choice)
An unruly drunk
An angry person
A person using illegal magic
A person with an illegal substance

New training days are tried to be held weekly and those interested in the training either by becoming a guard of the Kingdom or relating to other matters of the training should contact either Minister of Justice Narin (Narindic) from The Ninth Company or Minister of Defense and Guard Captain of The Ninth Company Reyxor Nightfall (Reyxor-DB).
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