Seraris Everdawn

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Seraris Everdawn

Post by Aeryeris on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:20 am

Character name: Magistrix Seraris Everdawn
Alias: Seraris, the blade of Everdawn
Gender: Female
Age: 121
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Sorceress

Birth region: Eversong Forest
Specific area/town: The Everdawn Estate
Family: Aeryeris Everdawn, Fala'thrinal Everdawn (Deceased), Sylnara Everdawn (Deceased), Seraneris Firedawn (Deceased)
Known friends: Aeryeris Everdawn, Kavia Sunstalker, as well as several political allies in the magistry.
Known enemies: Vyshas Sunstalker, as well as several political enemies in the magistry

Things you may know about this character: Seraris has a taste of pleasantries; smoking the water-pipe, and drinking fine wines in particular. Seraris is a born pyromancer, but knows her way around the other arcane schools too.
Things you may not know about this character: Rumours of a troubled past, dabbling in the obscure and illegal magics of the world. Seraris fought her own sister for control of her house, and lost. Yet Fala'thrinal fell at the hands of another, and thus Seraris became the matriarch nontheless.
Possible crime record: Rumours of necromancy, several disappearances, and facilitating organised crime. There's of course no evidence to back up any of these rumours.

History: The Young Flame
Magistrix Everdawn is the eldest of the three Everdawn sisters. Much alike her younger sister Fala'thrinal, and her ancestors before her, she's a powerful magus. Yet of her sisters, only she was schooled in the political arts... Destined to join the magistery and Silvermoon's government as house Everdawn's representative... Her story, however, did not quite turn out as her mother had once envisioned..

Description: The Burning Flesh
Magistrix Everdawn is young for a magister. Truly, if she were not born an Everdawn she would never have made it so early. Yet despite her young age, her years weigh on her. Wrinkles have begun forming on her face. A face that displays all the common Everdawn features. A sharp nose, large lips, high cheekbones, and perfectly smooth skin. Rings are ever present around her pale blue eyes... How they became blue? Well, that is a story for another time. Rumours, whispers about what happened when Seraris was one hundred and twenty years of age when her eye colour changed? Well...
She finds you when you are sleeping, and when the daylight fades.
Seraris almost always dresses herself in a red, gold and blue magisters robe with the golden fire-orb embroidered on front. Along with the robe, a cloak and hood of matching colour make up her outfit. Altogether, she has the appearance of a figure of authority

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Re: Seraris Everdawn

Post by Aeryeris on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:21 am

Additional information and rumours regarding house Everdawn

The Blade of Dawn
Those few who yet remember the old house Everdawn, will remember the power of her magisters. The wisdom of her eldest, perhaps even the legend of her founder, Seraneris Firedawn. Yet everyone who has heard even the slightest of tales about the family, will have heard of the Blade. The Blade of Dawn, a magical sword that has tradiationally been carried by the family head... The eldest. Some say it was a human crafted weapon, yet others say it was an elven warblade of old. Yet all agree on some things. The sword is purple, glowing at times. And the sword is a powerful magical artifact, enhancing the already great power of her wielders even further.
And so I took the sword from my mother's cold dead hands, in the ruins of the estate.
Many other rumors about the blade exist. Yet one thing seems clear. The sword now belongs to Seraris. The weapon she carries so proudly cannot be mistaken for anything but The Blade of Dawn.

The Elderly Home
In centuries past, the Everdawn estate was a walled castle in central Eversong Forest. From its towers, one could look out over the tree tops for miles, down upon the lands of Everdawn's many bannerlords, as well as her own. Her gates open to all those with magical knowledge. The keep was vast, filled with wide wide rooms and long halls. A sanctuary of magic, and power, built by Seraneris Firedawn herself.
And in the middle of the dead scar, lay the ruins of my ancestral home... The stench, of bodies carried far upon the wind.
Yet the scourge invasion took a path straight through the castle, laying it to ash. Only part of the keep remained. None who entered ever emerged again. Rumors of magical treasure have filled the mind of many a wizard in recent decades... Yet none ever returned to confirm or put an end to the whispers.

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