Daethros the Magnificent

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Daethros the Magnificent

Post by Amarthron on Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:28 pm

Character name: Daethros of Frostblood.
Alias: Daethros the Magnificent.
Gender: Male.
Age: 105.
Race: Sin'dorei.
Class: Magus. [Closet Warlock]

Birth region: Central Eversong.
Specific area/town of birth:  Northern Eversong: A home in the wake of the Dead Scar.
Family: Daethros was fostered by an elf named Art.

Known friends: Aeryeris Everdawn, Kavia Sunstalker, Caindros Phoenixstrider [Deceased], Fala’thrinal Everdawn [Deceased] as well as his contacts in Dalaran’s Sunreavers and his contacts in the Magistry.
Known enemies: Vyshas Sunstalker and Vercanis Silversnow.
Known rivals: Kavian Sunstalker, Seraris Everdawn, Dalaryn Meadows and Telranya Blackwing as well as other magisters in his political field.

Personality: Social, flirty, diplomatic and yet, for all that, Daethros is reserved. His words are always calculated and you should be on your guard when speaking to Daethros of Frosblood.
History: His past is filled with darkness; wrapped in mysteries of intrigue and lies.

Description: Daethros is reminiscent of a majestic elven lord, whose song has been sung for a thousand years in ancient tales. He stands tall as a tower, grim, terrible and stern of glance. He walks with purpose, his footfall heralding the coming of his mastery to all who stand before him, eyes shining like emeralds, pale skinned like the snow, hair streaming behind him in a mane of shimmering starlight, flecked with silver. Daethros dresses in the deepest of purple velvet robes, adorned with silks and silver lined embroidery. He wears a long flowing cloak of grey-white cloth, which appears like cloud behind him, ending in a pattern of purple thread; the beauty of the cloth would dazzle even the finest of human tailors. Daethros is alien and gorgeous, he is beautiful, he is magnificent.

Things you may know about this character: Daethros is a Sunreaver from Dalaran. He’s come to Silvermoon in an effort to join the magisterium and conduct research to an elven disability involving Mana. It’s come to the attention of some mages in Dalaran that one in every few thousand elves are born without a mana pool and cannot cast any spells because of this. Daethros is going to find out why, starting with one Aeryeris Everdawn, an elven warrior, born magically deficient.

Things you may not know about this character: Frostblood is not actually Daethros’ surname; it’s actually a nickname that Daethros garnered at a young age when he orchestrated a vicious prank on a fellow student in Dalaran’s school of magic. Daethros had temporarily frozen the blood of a fellow student and the prank nearly resulted in the death of the child within the grounds of Dalaran’s school of magic. Daethros was almost expelled from the Arcanium and It was only through his step father’s pleading with the Kirin Tor that Daethros was allowed to continue his studies; but the other students named him “Frostblood” forever more.  

Possible crime record: Does Daethros the magnificent appear as though he might possibly ever commit a crime?.... Light forbid, he's far too lovely for such an action. Maybe when he was young and reckless, he may have been a bit of a trickster, but certainly not now... I swear... I promise.... OK I give up the man is insane and he's trying to take over the world..................................................... AHHHH I got you, ah ha.. You believed me... Gotcha! Wink

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