Response to Aggression in the Broken Isles

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Response to Aggression in the Broken Isles

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:49 am

(Posters are hung up all over Stormwind and Greywatch.)

The ministry of defence has closely monitored the forsakens aggression in the broken isles and has decided a call to action. From now and going forward until the allocated budget has been used up. You will now receive tokens for killing forsaken in the Broken Isles and only in the broken isles. These tokens can be turned in at various establishments in Alliance lands for services or the ministry itself for coin. Bodyparts are not encouraged, battle beaten armour and such shall suffice.

establishments/individuals allowing tokens as payment:
Blazesongs Enchanting services(IC/OOC)
The Blue Recluse Tavern

This is intended to promote rp and pvp in the isles, for example a bind of adventurers join together to hunt forsaken. Tokens will be noted down on a document as in game items are easy to replicate. Any business is welcome to join. This can be done through IC items, OOC items or both. Personally I will give enchants, this however will need several tokens. OOC value per token equates to around 100 gold. IC value is much less(probably 5 silver), obviously.

Evidence in the form of screenshots with the combat log open to see you are the actual killer is required to gain tokens. The tokens can be acquired IC if you so wish but PMing me a screenshot is all that is required. I will update the spreadsheet upon screenshot.

Just whisper me whenever you wish to redeem tokens, show me screenshots, one per kill, no camping.
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