[A] Recent theft in Stormwind

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[A] Recent theft in Stormwind

Post by Torvald Hammer on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:11 am

From: Torvald Hammer, Head of security, The Blue Recluse
Re: Report on the theft of a portion of the Blue Recluse's payroll.

Tuesday 28th of February: At approximately 8:30pm myself and Ogrik Windhammer were returning from the bank in Stormwind Trade district with the Blue Recluse's wages and a decoy bag when we were approached by a lady in some distress at the bridge between the Trade district and the Mage quarters. The lady told us that she was looking for an injured man that the Wardens had brought to Stormwind. At this stage a male worgen approached us from the rear. The worgen dropped a smoke bomb laced with pepper or chilli powder. During the confusion, the two assailants ran in opposite directions lifting a bag from Ogrik and myself. Ogrik and i had recovered enough from the smoke bomb to give chase.

Ogrik proceeded to chase the worgen towards the mage district, where he informs me that the worgen made a successful escape using a previously hidden goblin glider. I chased the lady to Old town, where by the fountain she employed magic and illusion to vanish. She left a bag behind which upon further investigation contained 3 standard playing cards. The 3 of Hearts, 7 of Clubs and the ace of diamonds.

Fortunately Ogrik had the foresight to spilt the money so only half of the payroll was lost to the criminals. 7.5 gold in total.

Due to the smoke bomb, we were unable to identify the worgen and based on observations, i doubt the lady was not using some form of illusion to hide her true appearance.

Torvald Hammer
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