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Name: Azapha Kaylock Hutchins
Race: Worgen  
Gender: Female.
Age: unknown
Rank: Noble

Birthplace: Gilneas  
Residence: Ironforge
Eye colour: yellow.
Body: Petite

Affiliation: Ironforge and the lands of Khaz-modan, The Azure Flame, The Slaughtered Lamb warlocks, The Alliance  
Alignment: Debatable (seriously, too hard to put into a fixed Alignment)

- Husband: Sebastian Hutchins (alive)
- Child: Lithia Hutchins (alive)
- Sister: Elizabeth Kaylock (deceased)
- Brother: Gregory Kaylock (alive)
- Mother: Linde Kaylock (deceased)  
- Father: Nicholas Kaylock (deceased)

Physical description  
(as seen by most)  
Azapha has never been seen in human form, in her worgen form she stands a little over 6 feet tall (making her rather small by worgen standards) with a light body frame, her fur is a dark muted brown with white markings across her body and a strip of white running down her snout. Azapha nearly always has her hair neatly combed and styled and takes great care to her presentation, a deep bite wound scar is visible on the right side of her neck, for the few who have seen her out of a dress Azapha also has a few other scars mapping history on her body.

Spoiler (gives away some IC secrets):
Azapha has been hiding her true appearance though both magical and Alchemical methods due to her highly corrupted form. guises removed she has horns growing from her skull, patches of scales across the back of her hands and other parts of her body, claws and fangs have grown to outsize her frame, two mismatched and deformed wings (one of which appears to be fully grown while the other is near a third the size smaller and appears warped)  
Demonic Corruption is so strong that she indeed is able to be targeted by spells and effects that harm demons!

Dogma (small trivia):
-Azapha's true name is Rose, she adopted the name after events that took place in Gilneas leading to her fleeing

-The Keylock Family though out history has had a number of prodigy children who far surpassed normal talent in areas of magic, every historical document of these children describes oddness of personality in the most gifted among the blood line or even describes them as a "weird magnet" to which events seem to happen to them beyond their control.

-Azapha's parents died to Azapha's own hand during the worgen curse out brake

Growing up in Gilneas:

Rose came from a privileged background, the Kaylock family was a well reputed Noble house both holding wealth and good standing within Gilneas. In early history the Kaylock house had deep roots within the arcane community with a number of the blood line becoming very successful arcanists, more recent years the house moved with the changes and beginning of an industrial age, taking interest in business.
Nicholas Kaylock (father of Rose) was among one of three that was the founders of The Blackwald Trading Union, some years later buying out larger shares on the Union in an attempt to slowly take the whole thing as a family run business instead of part ownership, this unfortunately was not to be as not long after plans had started to take hold, Gilneas found itself under a threat of both cursed beasts and forsaken attacks.

Rose grew up among her siblings as someone who stood out and was noticed, the Kaylock family had a reputation though out history of prodigy like children who was gifted, when Rose had shown potential in arcane study's at an incredibly young age mixed opinions and rumours began to surface, nearly all of these children were considered "odd" or cursed to draw attention of strange events.
Rose was a curios girl, finding herself asking questions that others did not seem to care about, the great wall was something of a wonder to her, a barrier she even at the age of six had already affirmed to herself "I will cross that wall one day, I will see beyond this place".  
Life as someone who was able to grasp things others of your own age had no idea of proved to have its down sides, frustration and boredom with others lacking the same grasp left Rose to often be alone and shunned by others, at first this would add to the frustrations, but after sometime she found comfort in Isolation from others.

Rose had some company thought out her childhood that was not met with the same problems, Rose was incredibly close to her brother Gregory who although did not share Roses affinity for Arcane study at such a younger age, had already became apprentice to a very reputed wizard. by the age of Seven Gregory and Rose was near inseparable when at home and she adored her older brother.

It was at this time that Gregory revealed his secret to Rose that would shape her future without her even knowing it. Gregory introduced Rose to "zipzap", an imp Gregory had managed to summon, Rose had seen some references to such creatures although had little understanding in matters of fel or demonic, she knew they was meant to be bad, but this was also her brother, someone she adored very much and if he was trusting of Zipzap, she would be too!

"The first time you see injustice you never forget,  on that day you learn the world we live in is far from just, naivety fades and cynical understanding of our world begins"

At the age of ten Rose's view on the world would be shattered and rebuilt with new understanding, Gregory was involved in an incident where he was revealed for using fel summoning against the law, non was injured in the situation but the news of a noble being found to be summoning demons spreads fast, family life within a matter of days changed for Rose forever, her brother was to be tried in court and her mother and father's arguing in the nights that followed echoed though the manner, Rose had not spoken since her brother had been taken away by officials, cursed with a better understanding than most eight year olds Rose spent sleepless nights fearing for her brother, he had hurt no one, she knew that, it was just an imp she thought "they will throw him out of the academy, he will lose his apprentice perhaps, what more can they do to him? Hes hurt no one"
On the day of Gregory's trial Rose was not allowed to go see by her parents final word against all protest, Rose however was not willing to take no as an answer and for the first time crept out of her home alone in a cloak hiding her appearance and made her way to where Gregory's Trial was being held, Rose's mind was focused, she would see, she HAD to.
Rose made it to outside of the building and noticed people already leaving the place, "hope they didn’t expel him, it was a small mistake, surely they won't" she thought, however what she saw after would horrify her, her brother was taken out into public and his crimes announced for all to see, not long after his punishments was also read out and rose found herself frozen unable to think past what was being said  
"Gregory Kaylock is Sentenced to five years in prison, and for his misconduct into practicing cultist magic within our lands, he will bear the brand of Cultist upon his cheek for all to know of his crimes, from this day until his last"  
Rose was speechless, there she was worrying about his place in an academy and suddenly none of that mattered, she watched in silence as they brought him to his knees and she watched with the same silence as her brother yelled in pain to the heat of the brand pressed against his cheek, she trembled and silently cried, wanting to look away but unable to. Saddened more at the understanding he was going to be gone for a long time, her brother, her friend, her best friend.
Rose did not talk much for some time after, keeping her thoughts to herself, early days after she was consumed by sadness, over time that sadness would become a cynical and hardened anger, never flourishing but always brewing deeply within.
(to be continued when I have time)

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