Maclure Vineyard Take-over

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Maclure Vineyard Take-over

Post by Kelinn Everstride on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:08 am

Posters have been carefully mounted on the cities noticeboards, and read as follows:

To all interested parties:

The 'Maclure Vineyards' are in the final stages of negotiations with 'The Blue Recluse', regarding the sale of the Vineyard to the Blue Recluse.
The franchising of said Vineyards back to the Maclure family has been agreed, and just a final settlement date is to be agreed, with Friday 24th
February being the likely date. When this goes through, the Recluse will be looking for more staff to help keep the sites operational and safe.

Please speak to Miss Kelinn Evertsride, Miss Flemk Meserath, or Mr Torvald Hamer for more information.
Kelinn Everstride

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