Dark Powers in Elwynn

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Dark Powers in Elwynn

Post by Sagefire - Dove on Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:56 am

Elwynn Forest

Numerous people around the western regions of Elwynn Forest, ranging from Goldshire, to the Stonefield and Maclure homesteads, to the Westbrook Garrison, have apparently been feeling uneasy in and around their homes. Despite the relative peace within the forest - with it's numerous threats being suppressed and subdued by both the forces of Stormwind and numerous adventurers - farmers, townsfolk, and armsmen can't help but feel something is not quite right. Travelers have also been heard to have felt a looming dark energy as they pass through the forest, and those attuned to the Light have picked up on the same energy from as far away as Stormwind itself.

Some believe it may be connected to what appears to be a war between two groups of Kobolds, those of the Fargodeep and Jasperlode mines. Apparently, according to the Maclure and Stonefield families, after a culling of the Kobolds within Fargodeep by two volunteers (and a brief few weeks without the usual raids) numerous Kobolds from Jasperlode took up camp outside Fargodeep. These Kobolds seem intent on taking the mine for themselves, and despite the casualties the Fargodeep Kobolds have taken recently they are putting up an extremely virulent resistance. It is considered odd that the Kobolds from Fargodeep would have ceased their raiding if they had the power they are currently exhibiting. At present the Kobolds do not pose a greater threat to the people of Elwynn.

For those who investigate. OOC.:
Potential investigation paths are shown below. Feel free to RP these out independently, or for some more embellishment you can get others involved and ask me for some more details!

  • Focusing on the Energy: Those who are sensitive towards energy and types of magic would be able to, with a minor amount of focus and concentration within the forest itself would be able to tell the energy is necromantic in nature.
  • Asking around Goldshire: All individuals will point towards Marshal Dughan when asked about the problem. The Marshal will not be able to give information about the issue, but will offer a reward for solving the problem. He would suggest speaking to the garrison at Westbrook, as they monitor the forest, or questioning other residences of Elwynn Forest, such as the farmers.
  • Traveling through the forest: Journeying through western Elwynn would bring the same uneasy sensation to most individuals, unless they are resistant or used to Necromantic energy (DK's and Northrend Veterans perhaps). Passing the Fargodeep mine, you would see that a camp of Kobolds has formed outside of the Mine, within the steep sloped pit.
  • Questioning the Garrison: Asking at the Westbrook Garrison would bring you the information that patrols have been easier in Western Elwynn since early December, with less Kobold problems than usual. They would mention that some of the Farmers hired a few adventurers to deal with the issue. Despite the relative peace, they would also say they feel uneasy, and can't fathom why.
  • Questioning the Stonefields: The Stonefields know little about this issue, except that the unease started mid December. They would begrudgingly point towards the Maclure family for further assistance.
  • Questioning the Maclures: Asking the Maclure family about the Kobold conflict would bring you the information that two individuals, a Draenei who wielded the light and a young human companion, ventured into Fargodeep mine in early December in order to stop the raids upon the farmlands of Elwynn. It was not long after this that the people of Elywnn started sensing this energy.
  • Questioning the Jasperlode Kobolds: If anyone is able to speak to the Jasperlode Kobolds about this issue (it will be difficult to negotiate this as they are both fearful and hostile towards outsiders) they will say, essentially, that they have no interest in taking the mine for themselves, and they are in fact trying to take the mine for the Fargodeep Kobolds, who came to them to ask for help. They tell you the Kobolds within Fargodeep have gone mad and are attacking those who enter, even other Fargodeep Kobolds. They don't even care about Candles anymore!!
  • Questioning the Fargodeep Kobolds: Despite this being highly unlikely, if you are able to try and call out a Kobold from the Fargodeep mine for discussion you will meet no response. The Mine sits silently until it is entered, where then and only then activity is seen in the form of attack. If you speak to Fargodeep Kobolds among the Jasperlode Kobolds (again, highly unlikely) they will say they fled when the mine was attacked and when they returned their own people attacked them.

This is as much info as would be needed for investigation. Light personal embellishment is allowed of course, however nothing that changes the story. I would discourage from RPing an attack on the mine without informing me first, where I would be pleased to GM the encounter. The Kobolds within the mine are extremely hostile, and far tougher than regular Kobolds.
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