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Character name: None (OOC: Barrowdove)
Alias: Dove
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Human
Class: Necromancer (OOC: Death Knight)

Birth region: Unknown, presumed Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Known friends or enemies: None

Description: Thin, very little fat exists on her body (think the bare minimum to live). She appears malnourished. She is extremely pale, her veins often visible through her skin. Her body is riddled in scars and faded bruises. Her hair is a mess, and is jet black. Her eyes, once blue, have faded to a dull grey colour.
Personality: She doesn't often express emotions beyond fear and confusion, so her personality is difficult to determine. She is extremely submissive, which is derived from her fearful nature. However, she often shows complete defiance to seemingly random individuals, and it is unknown why she is submissive to some but not to others. She often shows confusion when confronted with common social interactions, such as acts greetings, or acts of politeness or kindness.
History: Unknown up until very recent times.
Unknown History:
Doves mother died during childbirth, and Dove herself was a miscarriage. Her body was discarded and then subsequently taken by a cell of necromancers who preceded the Cult of the Damned. This cult was based on the Necrolytes who originally accompanied Gul'dan through the Dark Portal in the orcish invasion of Azeroth. Her body had life returned to it using a perversion of Holy Magic. She was not alone, as many other young children and infants had been abducted by this group.

The cult brought them up surrounded by death and its concept, where they were forced to live and learn by death itself. The food they ate was rotten, the water pallid, and the conditions kept them close to death near continuously. Beyond that they were constantly exposed to necromantic magics, and were forced to learn burial rights and rituals from all of the surface cultures.

When the Lich King began the campaign on Lordaeron, the cult answered his call. The eldest of the students were sent to serve him in the Cult of the Damned, while this cell continued its depraved work. Too young to serve the Lich King, Dove continued her servitude under her masters. She simultaneously loved (in her own way) and hated those she served, and they were all she knew in life, while she was forced to compete with those who should have been her equals for food, water, and acknowledgment. The only source of fun she had was her experiments with necromantic powers, and her personal interest in such things often gave her an edge when impressing her superiors.

Her name, Dove, was given to her by those who would...use her. Her skin was unusually pale, even compared to the rest who lived underground with her, and she was often referred to as a beautiful dove, or a little dove. She does not know what a dove is, but it is the only name she has known.

She was unwillingly saved by the Illidari, who had allied themselves with the Argent Crusade to investigate Fel occurrences near the city of Stratholme. It was near the city that they got wind of the cult, as an escapee was found in the corrupted woods. Her masters were cut down five times before she accepted that all she had known had been taken, and accepted a new mistress, who promptly declined her and sent her south to start a new life.
Known History:
She was saved from an old barrow complex in the Plaguelands by Anthaniel Sagefire, who sent her south to the Kingdom of Stormwind for no explicit reason except to be with her people. It is said that the barrow was inhabited by a cabal of necromancers and their acolytes, where she was seemingly a slave.
Things you may know about this character: She has been disconnected from any civilized society since birth. While she is most certainly alive, her vital signs are often extremely subtle. She reacts very poorly to physical contact, even friendly gestures such as hugs and handshakes. She has little social etiquette. She refers to many people as master or mistress.
Things you may not know about this character: She is proficient in necromantic magic. She doesn't understand the concept of remorse, pity, love, friendship, or any of those nice things, as she was raised without them. The people who raised her were incredibly abusive in every way possible, including physically, sexually, and emotionally.
Possible crime record: Nothing yet.

Other information: Dove is a MacGuffin character. She is designed to be a dark character (not evil), but not an "edgelord". She is a fairly powerful individual, and her abilities all have to do with necromancy and dark magic. She has no personal goals or motives, and I have no desire of giving her a reason to use her powers for her own gain, as to avoid using her power to ruin RP. However she is incredibly mutable towards others goals, so she can be used by others to further their own plans, or as an object of interest and study.
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