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Astoria Snowthread

Post by Ninael on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:29 am

Character name: Astoria Snowthread
Alias: Asta, Hawk, Huntress Snowthread
Gender: Female
Age: 7639
Race: Night Elf (Highborne)
Profession: Huntress & Tailor

Birth region (Specific area/town): Darkshore (Auberdine)
Residence: Starfall Village (Winterspring) / Elwynn Forest
- Danon Wyeborne, Partner
- Liara Nighthawk, Older sister
- Adopted family; The Tearbows & Anthaniel Sagefire.
Known friends: Emiraude Whitewhing, Wylhelm Wyckham, Maj, Lord Maelmoor Lightbringer, Meklun Aylward, Lord Arahaelon Arvellon, Flemk Meserath and Kelinn Everstride.
Description: Astoria appears confident and is mostly seen smiling. She is a tad short for a Night Elf, but it does not seem to bother her. Her hair is light blue and mostly kept loose or in a ponytail. The claw tattoos on her face have seen better days, having been left to fade.
She prefers to wear light leather armour, but has shown to posses a fondness for dresses. No matter the outfit, they are always excellent quality. She wears a silver amulet as a necklace. It carries the symbol of the Moon Guard. She can also often be seen wearing a silver bracelet. It has fine ornaments and where you attach it there is a heart with two names inscribed.

Personality: Astoria is confident and at heart a kind person. She cares for others, even if she does not always show it. Preferring to keep up the pretence of not caring. Always addressing people by their last names and generally keeping her distance from them. Amongst those she trusts, however, she becomes quite direct and loves teasing people.

History: Astoria was born to the Highborne House Snowthread almost eight millennia ago. When her family was exiled she chose to stay behind. Since then she has served in the Sentinel Army as a Huntress. She claims that there is not much to know about her, though comments made by older sister would suggest otherwise.
Things you may know about this character:
- Works as a tailor when she is off duty.
- She always keeps her word.
Things you may not know about this character:
- Has a hard time trusting people.
Possible crime record: None. That said, there is some talk about an alleged murder a few thousand years ago.[/justify]

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