Astoria Snowthread

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Astoria Snowthread

Post by Ninael - Astoria on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:29 am

Character name: Astoria Snowthread
Alias: Asta, Hawk
Gender: Female
Age: Around 7615
Race: Kaldorei
Class / Profession: Huntress of the Sentinels & Tailor

Birth region / Specific area: Darkshore, Auberdine
Current home: Starfall Village (Winterspring) / Stormwind
Family:Presumed to be deceased. She sees the Tearbow's as close friends, almost family.
Known friends or enemies: Danon (Partner), Emiraude Whitewhing (Friend), Meklun Aylward (Friendly), Nerion Strongcrest (Friendly), Maelmoor Lightbringer (Commander), Limnei (A Draenei Waterspeaker, Friendly), Likia Moonwhisper (Friendly), Anthaniel Sagefire (Almost adopted sister, but she does not trust her)
-Side note, this is how Astoria views others. They may consider her a friend, but she rarely returns the sentiment

Description: Astoria appears confident and is mostly smiling. She is a tad short for a Kaldorei, though she does not let it bother her. Her hair is light blue and mostly kept loose or in a ponytail. The claw tattoos does a descent job of hiding the faint scars on the left side of her face.

As any Snowthread, Astoria constantly changes her clothes. Her outfits are usually practical, yet elegant. High quality material that is easy to manoeuvre in. It does not matter that she is off duty, one has to be prepared for the worst. When on duty she will wear light leather armour. Not heavy enough to hinder her movement, but sill offering some degree of protection.
She always has a fine silver amulet around her neck. It has the symbol of the Moon Guard on it.

Personality: Astoria is confident and quite social. She loves teasing people and has a sharp tongue. On duty she adopts a no nonsense attitude and might come off as quite rude. Yet at the same time she can also be polite and well mannered when needed. At other times she will appear cold blooded and unattached.

History: Astoria was born to the former Highborne house of Snowthread almost eight millennia ago. When her family was exiled she chose to stay behind. Since then she has continued to serve the Sentinel Army as a Huntress. Mostly guard duties or special scouting missions.
Outside of her being a former Highborne, little is known about Astoria and what she has been doing for the past seven millennia. She tends to stay in the background and observe, rather than draw attention to herself. That said, she has no problem answering questions about her past. It is not like it is secret after all, so why hide it?

Things you may know about this character:
- Works as a tailor when she is off duty.
- She always keeps her word.
- Recently joined the Holy Lightbringers
- Dislikes Shal’dorei and Sin’dorei.

Things you may not know about this character:
- Hates her blood related family. (With one exception)
- Does not trust others easily.
- From the former Highborne House of Snowthread.

Possible crime record:
Murder (Around 7300 years ago. She was pardoned as it was viewed as self defence and could be considered part of her duty as a Sentinel)

Other information: None

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