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[A] Ship For Hire

Post by Reynard on Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:19 am

In the interests of giving Captain Reynard Ferrand some legit business to do, and also giving me some RP to play with when I'm not actively promoting the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] story on Reynard, I'm looking to start some RP opportunities, using The Javelin (my ship) as a vehicle for RP.  So if your character, guild, business or organization can make use of a ship, please contact me.

Specific things I think I could help with:

- Are you a business which needs to get in supplies from places around the world?  Come to me to sort out the shipping.
- Are you a military guild who needs to move a lot of men around the world, from one continent to another?  Come speak to me about hiring The Javelin for your transport.
- Are you needing to send an urgent message to someone across the other side of the world?  Come and see me and I'll guarantee its speedy arrival (for a price).
- Are you just wanting to travel from one continent to another as a passenger or group?  Message me and sort out passage on The Javelin for your voyage.
- Are you about to undertake a mission somewhere and know you'll need equipment and supplies shipping there?  Contact me.
- Are you about to travel to the Broken Isles for an RP event in your guild?   Contact me and RP out taking a ship there.

Contact me here or in game if interested.

Also, if you think being part of this from the ship-side is of interest then I'm also recruiting so check out this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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