Allory Storm

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Allory Storm

Post by Azura Moonwind on Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:59 pm

Character name: Allory Storm (real surname unknown)
Gender: Female
Race: Kal'dorei

Birth place: Ashenvale
Family: daughters:  Ilunessa Storm, Eradonna Storm. Adopted daughter:Azura Moonwind

friends and foes:Tends to keep friends and dear people as close as she could. Overprotective and because of it sometime annoying. Has little tolerance towards blood elves.

Description: average Kal'dorei look: purple skin, silver eyes. Behind kind and smiling face, hides fearsome relentless and sometimes absolutely recless warrior. Because of many battles and her "gift" has muscular body.
"gift" discription: Negative emotions could manifest in form ligthninglike energy (white/green/blue).
    upsides: Allow her to  tap  on it and become stronger and faster. Also ability to energize weapons or sometimes even creat ones.
    downsides: Being exposed to negative emotions could cause outburst of energies that mostlikely vaporise everything around her, or even more expousure would literaly start to rip her body apart.
Counter measures: her hair change color depending on expousure to her "gift. Level of expousure could be devided into 3 stages: white hair-"gift" inactive, green- middle level of expousure, behavior: becomes more recless, emotions are more pronounced, energy acumulates in small pertions almost all the time. And finaly blue hair- domination of negative emotions, in batlle berserk-like behavior, Energy generations: times 3 from normal.(because of accident with her daughter almost all time has green hair and second level of gift)
Way to lower level of energy is through strenght/speed increase of through directly realising her energy via lightning bolts or explosions.Also wears leystone infused armor that drains some of her energy and releases it.
Personality: Opened for everything new. Doesn't tied to customs and traditions of her people in general, but has high respect and adoration to sentinels and any militaristic organisations. except for her people has high respect to dwarves of wildhammer clan.While traveling across lands of alliance got used to comon language(espcialy swears). More then taking care about others loves cooking. She is kind and tryes to care about those who close to her.

(under construction) sorry for my english, it's not my native laguage.
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Name: Allory Storm

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