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Drecain Emberstorm

Post by Drecain on Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:21 am

Character name: Drecain Emberstorm
Alias: Drec, the Herald, Dre'kgfw'iynh
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-something
Race: Human
Class: Shadow priest (currently)
Guild and guildrank: Herald of the Twilights Hammer

Birth region: Arathi Highlands
Specific area/town: Stromgarde
Family: None left alive.
Known friends or enemies: Drecain is very sociable and makes new aquaintances easily. He appears to help out where he can, to the best of his wide range of abilities

Description: Drecain is a handsome man in his mid-thirties and is quite tall, standing a head taller than most humans. His build is sinewy and slender but surprisingly strong. Drecain has dirty blondy hair, with just a hint of red in it and he has a short beard on his chin. His face is handsome with a strong jaw and appealing laugh lines gently creasing his face. He has some more or less permanent dark areas under his eyes as if he never gets enough sleep.
His most striking feature are his pale blue eyes and their piercing gaze.

Personality: Drecain is ambitious and quite intelligent. He is a scholar and is not afraid to reach his own conclusions about things. He is charismatic and a natural leader, even if he prefers the sidelines. He is also quite the sociopath, adept at manipulating others and hiding what he is really thinking and what he is really doing.

History: Drecain was born in the Arathi highlands, but he left early on. He was ambitious and had a thirst for knowing how things worked. His talents led him to study warlock fel magic. As he gained more insight into the fel, he came to realize the extent of the threat of the burning legion. Anxious to be prepared, he approached and eventually entered into an agreement with the night elf faction of the Highborne that would allow him to increase his personal power and become a better defender of Azeroth against the demonic horde.
He eventually went too far in his quest for power. While experimenting with a combination of fel-powered vision questing and quel'dorei arcane techniques, Drecain attracted attention to himself and became possessed by a malignant and very old satyr. Eventually, his friends caught on and captured and exorcised the demon from Drecain, restoring him to control of his body.
Drecain came to believe that the demonic forces of the twisting nether simply could not be resisted. The victory of the burning legion was inevitable and there was no force strong enough to combat the world-ending armies. He sank into a long period of deep depression.
Some cracks in his mind must have formed after his experiences, because that is when he first heard ...the whispers.
Drecain eventually put all the pieces of the puzzle inside his head in place and realized just what was whispering to him. The mighty ancient rulers of Azeroth themselves, the Old Gods. Drecain came to believe that the only way to safeguard Azeroth's continued existance is by finding a way to release all of the Old Gods.
He sought out and joined the cult of the Twilights Hammer, mortals who want to free the Old Gods to bring about the end of the world. This was not Drecains reason for joining though. He wanted to feed his curiosity and understand things most would consider best left forgotten.

And that was exactly what he did..

Something new has begun to speak to him in his dreams. It whispers of Ny'alotha - a sunken city where mad things walk. A place where the unconqured one stirs and slowly gets closer to freedom.

Things you may know about this character: He used to be a warlock, but gave it up to become a priest. He sometimes speaks out about how church doctrine is narrow-minded. He is a scholar of a great many things and has studied the demonic, the mystical and the events of the forgotten past. He is fiercely opposed the burning legion.
((OoC)) Things you probably do not know about this character:He is a Twilight Herald - a vessel and voice of a sleeping entity of vast power. He carries quite a bit of clout within the cult but he is not its leader. Since Gul'Dans fall the new weilder of the ogres hammer.

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