[H] Hallow's End Masquerade Party

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[H] Hallow's End Masquerade Party

Post by Ryleen on Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:03 pm

Even with the Legion on our doorstep, that is no reason to forget our traditions and holidays. We all need to let loose and have fun from time to time, to raise spirits and remember that there are nice things in life worth fighting for.

And since it is Hallow's End, what better way to do it with a masquerade?

What will happen?
Drinks, food, music, good company. There will be a small competition held for best costume/disguise. As the hours grow late remaining guests will be invited for an exchange of scary stories, all in the spirit of the holiday. There might be more surprises throughout the evening as well, you will have to attend and find out!

The 28th of October, 21:00 server time.

Caer Darrow. (That is, the island where the entrance to Scholomance is located)

What do I have to do?
Put your character in a costume of some sort. It can be as simple or advanced as you like. One of the hallow's end masks would work. A fanciful transmog. A magical disguise that transforms you into some completely different kind of creature. It is your chance to let your and your character's creativity shine!

Who's in charge?
The Heritage of Zandalar stand as hosts for the event, and if you want to be added to the calender event you can write here or contact Ryleen - Scarshield Legion.


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