[A] Looking for Sentient Undead Minions

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[A] Looking for Sentient Undead Minions

Post by Skarain on Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:16 am

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Hello. I am searching for players who would be interested of roleplaying undead minions to my Alliance side necromancer character, Skarain Feirand, and take occasionally part of the roleplaying of The Azure Flame. No guild membership is required.

You can:
1.) Use an existing character, chug a Noggenfogger Elixir, equip a different weapon, use Total RP 3 to swap to a new profile and use your Main Roleplaying Character "beneath".
2.) Reroll a Death Knight, for the creepy dead outlook.
3.) Use any character and simply use a description/gear to describe a decayed, rotting or otherwise "dead" appearance.
4.) Find a way to appear translucent and Roleplay a Spectre/Ghost.

There are several requirements to be met:
1.) The undead character must be "sentient". Skarain does not "raise" undead.

-Instead, she finds existing mindless undead and attempts by spell and ritual return control to the soul of the person. She does give those she successfully 'returns' the opportunity to chose: returned to rest, go their own path or to work for her, for gold, magic, vegance or otherwise (up for discussion).
-Alternatively, she may enlist an already sentient Forsaken undead or Death Knight to their service, either by simply gaining their trust, paying them in gold, magic or by teaching magic.

2.) The character of mine, Skarain, will make sure she have some leverage over the undead that would serve her. The character does not trust others, even less the undead who might have nothing to lose.

-She may require to cast spells upon them, to prevent them from leaking secrets, either by spell or by binding magical contract.
-She may take a part of them, a bone or otherwise, and keep it safe in order to be able to curse them and utterly obliterate their earthly (and potentially spiritual) existence should they go rogue.
-She may place down spells that allow her to take absolute control over the undead, if there was to be a situation where such is required.


Details of personality are entirely up to you. How sentient, broken or in-depth. How mad, talkative or quiet. "Unstable" characters who are a danger to the rest of the party will destroyed. One is able to roleplay their character outside of AF circles and the direct presence of Skarain, even part ways later on to search for their place amongst The Ebon Blade, the Horde or the Alliance - providing that they do part in good terms.

These characters are primrily meant to be used as Alts, event-characters, but one who wishes to get more in-depth in roleplaying one is free to do so.

All of the rules of Azure Flame applies aswell when using the character.
Guild Rules:
"Code of Coldflame" - In Character Rules
(Also known as the Code of Common Sense)

-Do not Harm the Flame and it members.

-Do not Steal from the Flame and it members.

-Do not Betray the secrets of the Flame.

Within the Flame, as long as one does not breach these three rules, one is free to do almost anything they wish. Be warned, however. If something threatens to endanger the Flame, the inner circles will act upon it.

"Terms of Service" - Out of Character Rules
Before joining the group, we hope you to agree that your character is open to be harmed, open for permanent death and you will accept the consequences for your character actions even after leaving the group IC. We are not friends with everyone and that is potential to put your character in a risk. An immersive environment requires that the players accepts whatever comes, providing that it makes sense from an In Character standpoint.

Otherwise, we wish you to agree to the following:
1.) Your character is not "untouchable" or "overpowered". When it come to conflict, it won't be enjoyable for the other player if you can dodge every attack or are an unbeatable overlord able to defeat anything. Keep it interesting for both sides, have strengths and weaknesses alike.
2.) You will refrain from meta-gaming. Meta-gaming is when you use information acquired outside of Roleplaying in your roleplaying. OOC info in IC in others words.
2.5.) If you think you have been meta-gamed against at, we want you to look into the situation calmly. Do not raise a big noise, but ask politely OOC where they have got the information from. Pause RP if necessary. If they lack a valid source, you do not need to acknowledge their claim and may leave the situation through OOC means as nothing would have happen. Contact a Guild Officers if necessary.
3.) Always leave the outcome open when you write an emotes that concern another player. Let them decide whether they are affected by it or not.
4.) You will not corpse-camp other players in WPvP. Corpse-camping is killing the same player repeatedly without giving them an opportunity to heal or run.
5.) Any ERP that you may do will be kept in private channels and out of sight.
6.) You will not disturb or grief other people roleplay.
7.) You will be friendly and respectful towards others within the group..
8.) You acknowledge that your words and actions represent the group when wearing our Guild Tag, whether it is ingame or on the forums and you will not bring us into shame.
9.) You will abide to the WoW Terms of Service, follow the Game Rules, RP-PvP realm rules and use no cheats, hacks or anything deemed bannable by Blizzard.

Interested? Hit me up ingame, over Btag, PM on these forums, ingame mail, skype or discord for talks.

(A) Skarain - Skarain Feirand: Outlawed Worgen Arcanist, Magi of the Underworld and Speaker of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
(H) Nakris -  Nakris Sin'voth: Captain of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Also known as Mahruon, Halisi, Reljen, Senrar, Inran, Flick├┐ and Grimfeather

Contact: Skarain#2346(Btag), Skarain#8885(Discord), inejaro(Skype)

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Forum Moderator: Contact in regarding questions or issues with the forum.

On a break from WoW.

"Roleplaying....is beautiful. And it may take your heart and soul. Entirely..."


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Re: [A] Looking for Sentient Undead Minions

Post by siegmund on Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:48 am

I'd be up for it, floating skull or other. Of course just hit me up on Btag when ya plan on doing something beforehand.


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