Our Departure from Defias

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Our Departure from Defias

Post by Lady Feymeera Bloodflame on Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:04 pm

Right, to explain all of this.

The House of Yore will on Tuesday the 4th of October be doing a Guild Transfer over to Argent Dawn Alliance.

Now you may ask; 'Why did this happen?' And to answer to that.
1) The House of Yore moved to Horde roughly 5 Months ago, we had a few simple goals in mind.
"Bring a Community back", "Increase RP" but, at our re-view of the past months. We came to find that after 5 Months of hard work and effort, that barely anything had changed. We also began to see the great apathy of the Horde. There were no interest in RP. Which is a huge blow if you work for almost 6 months to get RP going again but to no success.

2) With the Release of Legion, we strongly believed that the RP scene would grow on horde, and it did. Numerous small Horde Guilds popped up. Then the concept of a 'megaserver' came up, and to those who do not know. A Megaserver makes us unable to Participate or Organize RP-PvP. Due, to how the server works, when there is to big of a 'Concentration' of players, it will move all the other players off to another phasing without the same amount of players. Dalaran is a great example of this. While RP-PvP is still possible to do on the Broken Isle stages, the challenges presented by that
create a desparity between Effort Vs Enjoyment.

Farewell; In the end, we have had a great time and run on Defias. We have no hard feelings agains the people here, to everyone who will stay here you will surely continue to have a wonderful time, but this will be our Farewell to you all.

Lady Feymeera Bloodflame

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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Broncrast on Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:04 am

Hello, this is Crankbot from the Red Reach Raiders guild.

Not going to even try to sway you to stay on DB, but I feel like you don't have it quite right here.
I joined the Horde scene myself about 6 months ago now, and there was a steady increase in Horde RP. Your guild is not the only one who has worked damned hard to rebuild the population.
During summer it has always made the RP community slow way down, and this summer was no exception to this, people went on vacation, made plans, looking for jobs after finishing school or getting ready to start school.
It is NOW that RP will restart so to speak, it is NOW things will get back into high gear.

Due to personal reasons I myself moved to AD and stayed there for roughly 2 years, and durring that time I had a lot of RP, but none of it really seemed real, there was too much snowflake characters, inconsistent RP and the server is just too full. There is a good reason I went from a chock full RP server to DB that is still struggling to get by.
Again not even going to try to convince your guild to stay, just felt like throwing in my 2 cents since I've RPed with quite a lot of people from your guild on Horde side and it will be a damn shame to see any of them leave.
If any decide to stay, know that Red Reach Raiders will welcome you with open arms.

It was fun, it's a shame to say farewell, good luck.



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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Cid on Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:01 am

I cannot blame you for the decision, sad as it may be to see roleplayers leave, especially since we do need every roleplayer we can get on the Hordeside (not much point of RP-PvP without the PvP part, is there?). Know there is always a spot open around here should you change your mind(s).


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Naroma on Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:54 am



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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Vichama on Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:37 am

I feel your pain. I am on Ravenholdt so sponanious RP is pretty much non-existant around the broken isles.

P.S. I had considered Argent Dawn but the lack of PvP is a deal breaker for me. ):


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Asperga on Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:58 am

Sad to see you go.

I do agree with Crankbot in the sense that RP "season" has only opened again a few weeks ago with the release of Legion and that we are all working hard with same goals in mind. And if we do look at what guild was most dedicated in achieving this goal, the House of Yore wins that title but this was not without success. The guild has easily the biggest population of all. Which brings me why I do not fully understand you are giving up now. It seems like such a waste to me.

I hope that the members that do decide to stick on this server, find their way to other RP-PvP guilds and I would welcome the orcs, tauren, trolls and goblins with open arms aswell.

I hope you do not regret this decision, good luck out there!


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Myriah on Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:04 pm

I joined the House with my old char Tinix and it's been a lovely home for her, "Ohana." I will miss her conversations with the "Boss Dudes and Dudettes"
I will continue my adventures with the House on AD on an already existing char of mine. So Tinix will remain on DB and available for rp. Feel free to poke me and I will try to find a moment for rp.


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Pyrel on Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:52 pm

I joined the House some time early last year. First in the Alliance and then went with the group who moved to the other faction. Defias is where all my best RP memories are, Alliance and Horde. Anyway, my times roleplaying my first character here, Kumujak, and Pyrel. Have been great. The people on DB, are just fantastic.


- Pyrel / Kumujak

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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Vichama on Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:59 am

Nooo Pyrel. Sad


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Skarain on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:54 pm

Have a good time in your new server. As for the conversation itself, I'll be throwing in my few cents aswell now that I have the opportunity.


I've observed the rise of House Yore all the way since it was first estabilished on the Alliance, to the point that part of it moved to the Horde, all the way to this point. While I had an in-depth view only during my brief time in the guild with Senrar (Alliance), I can say that: You did a damn well good job.

I haven't seen many guilds with as explosive growth in my 5 years on the server, and Yore would be incluced among the better ones for the fact it stayed as long - and still does, on the Alliance. You managed to create a guild that had a unique enough concept, a good idea, fancy uniform code and quite in-depth lore behind it all - once you were a part of it long enough to learn of it.

You are/were a rising beacon for your time. However, while a single guild can do a lot of good for the roleplaying community, a single guild alone can't "bring the community back". They can however act as a catalyst to that.

I will elaborate.

A single guild is still a single guild. It have a specific niche it seeks to cover, and does rarely cover up the entire specturm. It can be an excellent starting point for the career of many new roleplayers, but there will be a point that the roleplayers within the guilds get a great idea of their own and depart to create something new.

Mor Shan Marauders as an example. To my knowledge (slap me if I am wrong/have incorrect information), at least one of their leaders (Elgus) came from Yore. Thus, technically, if House of Yore would not have existed, one would have had much tougher time to get started, as that guild had their part in getting the player estabilished to the community.

A single roleplaying guild can make a most awesome environment, create some community events, advertise RP and help newer roleplayers to get stated. Yet, they can not do everything, and one has to accept the fact and simply focus on making their guild the best one ever. Eventually, other guilds will rise, and they can offer what minor support that they can to them, from advice to inviting to community events.

Lastly in the topic of 1.) and partly touching 2.) aswell (hard to separate the two, since both speak of the server), Defias Brotherhood & RP-PvP servers are not the "go-to" place for roleplaying. In general, if you recruit even a single new roleplayer a week, that can be considered to be very good. Most players have no idea that roleplaying even exists in here, and an equally large amount will laugh at the notion of it once they learn of it. Estabilishing RP guilds have never been easy on here since earlier expansions. Red Reach Raiders have been around the Horde since January, and we are still far from perfect or "finished". I can only expect further rise however, as long as we strive towards that. As can any newer RP guild who simply have the persistence to keep on recruiting.

So yes. As you said, numberous small Horde Guilds popped up. More will pop up aswell, later on, as the expansion goes on and if it continues to be good content.

Now into the Megaserver concept.... sure, it is a bummer, but in truth it only restricts Broken Isles. The rest of the world is more or less empty, and there is as much room to create roleplaying there as on Broken Isles. Sure, the graphics are worse, but in the many quests we are shown that the ENTIRE WORLD is more or less besieged by the Legion, at different points and so.

(I wouldn't be surprised if the next Xpack was all about trying to fix all the havoc that they caused during their stay, plus some other threats, brigands and whatnot)

Plop a population of Satyrs into the center of Desolace, treat the Cenarion WIldlands thrown into Nightmare Corruption and plop both factions to the zone to Campaign against the Nightmare forces (DMed) and eachother, both by treating some hallucinating toxic spores making Horde/Alliance appear as nightmarish creatures, and by opportunity to "go away! We will fix this by ourselves!"

Mimic the same scenario in Plaguelands, just add in some noggenfogger Elixirs and pose as Undead Hordes to each faction at a time, whilst RPing working together with the Argent Crusade and throwing angry sneers at the members of the other faction when encountered (or kill them, when outside Argent Sentries view).

Or to have a Dreadlord to pose a major chieftain of Stranglethorn Valley Trolls, and suddenly we have a conflict in the jungles. The list goes on. Only creativity is the limit in what a RP-PvP Campaign can or can not contain.

Even if the Megaserver tech WOULD split the world even in the older world, if you were to see 40v40 clashes, then you simply organize smaller, 10v10, 20v20 clashes. 40v40 usually turns into a massive AoE fest anyways. I don't think the megaserver techy goes mad on old world though. Needs some testing, I thinks. Blizz themselves stated in a blue post that they are aware that it is causing issues to roleplayers, and disabled it in large population centers - bar broken isles and dalaran. So I am pretty sure we'll have no problems in the old world.

As for the RP-PvP on Broken Isles, one simply have to focus on Same Faction RP-PvP activities, just as the Great Horde Hunt, or organizing some Arena Tournament like things, or Tower-Defense (by defending one Warden Tower from invaders).

RPing in Dalaran is mostly solved by inviting into Raid Group. Just ask for a group in LFRP. Does not allow cross-faction RP, but if there were to be a cross-faction RP event to Dalaran, one can make use of Northrend Dalaran for that.


Sure, it is as you say. Effort vs. Enjoyment. Plenty of roleplayers who have changed servers from DB to AD over the years, be it because they struggle to defend themselves vs. Gankers, or because finding RP became a struggle to them.

Then there are the others who find Enjoyment in Effort, by working hard and seeing the fruits of their labour. It can take months, years even but hey, different people enjoy different things - play the game in different ways.

Regardless of my essay, I doubt you are going to change your mind. I wish you the best on 'yore' new home.

I do have however a request to you.

If you meet people on AD who wonder where you came from, I for sure would appreciate if you mentioned that there are still a good number of people who stick to the server. I am pretty sure that most people on AD think that RP-PvP servers is a ghost-town where nobody plays Roleplays anymore, and it is just a pure PvP server nowdays. Just in case somebody would be in search of a different environment.

Likewise, if you ever decide to come back, you are most welcomen to.

Best regards,


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Rhena on Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:46 am

I hope you will all have a great time on AD. Though I just want to point out that HoY never moved to Horde, just branched out. We're still here and not going anywhere Wink
Good luck guys!


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Seregolas on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:22 pm

Even for the brief time you have been on the Horde, you did a great job. It is a pity that you guys moved to AD. I wish the best of luck there for you! I hope you may find what you seek there!


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

Post by Howl on Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:36 am

I gotta say I find it very frustrating that this has seemingly become a habit on Defias. You've soaked up so many roleplayers and now you're taking them with you. I don't really understand what it is you hope to accomplish differently on AD, but I wish you the best of luck in spite of my bitterness.


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Re: Our Departure from Defias

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