Help Wanted! [A]

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Help Wanted! [A]

Post by Izzifix on Tue Sep 27, 2016 1:30 pm

Help wanted!
Our startup business selling rare and exotic alchemical ingredients and spell reagents is looking for a new associate. You will be working with collection and sales alike, supervised by experienced employees for an initial training period.

You are:
- A practioner of magic, alchemy or both.
- Able to pull the occasional night shift.
- Intellectually engaged.

We offer:
- Reasonable pay, with additonal sales commissions.
- Travel to distant places!
- Professional colleagues.
- Intellectually engaging work.

Gnomes wanted in particular due to the nature of the work, but other qualified applicants will be given fair consideration.
Contact Henry Caldwyn for interviews or additional information.

Due to exciting new developments, the aforementioned business has been put on hold and is, as such, no longer hiring. If you, however, should happen to be a gnomish fire mage for hire and find yourself suiting the description above, please do get in touch. - Henry G. Caldwyn


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