Broken Isles reports

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Broken Isles reports

Post by Naroma on Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:06 pm

This thread should be treated as information that is available to 'officials' across the Alliance as it were, be that guild leaders, ministers or otherwise, if you have something to report that you do not wish to be available in such a way this should either be clearly stated or posted elsewhere.

Theatre of Blood movements as of the 13th day of the 9th month

We have safely made landfall upon the northern coasts of Stormheim, all agents accounted for and no mishaps along the way. Things seem quiet here, not what was initially expected. A Vrykul presence has been noted, though nothing significant to report at this time. We are yet to travel further inland at this time, and are hoping to provide our allies with detailed maps of the region in due time.

Local wildlife differs in some manners from the mainland of the Eastern Kingdom, but nothing extraordinary, or no one horrendously mauled yet for that matter..

It may still be a matter of time before we rendezvous with others, it would seem we've really found ourselves in the top end of nowhere, though it is not strictly a bad thing to have strong knowledge of hidden coves and the roads less travelled.

I truly believe any real action is yet to come, this is but a prelude to war.

What little we already know may seem trivial, however open lines of communication will be vital throughout this campaign. The best of luck to all those out here fighting these damned demons.

End report
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