The Slaughtered Lamb

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The Slaughtered Lamb

Post by Gadonan on Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:10 pm

A large bulky set Draenei is seen putting up posters at every available spot, short of sticking them to guards

Come on down to the Slaughtered Lamb, we've had a rough past but now we're back to stay, so come along for booze and conversation, and we'll supply both!
Our staff are full of surprises and in the Slaughtered Lamb you'll never go longer than two minutes without hearing another fanciful tale by some adventurer!

We're open everyday from 7:30pm (Realm Time) till 10pm (Realm Time) so don't miss out!
Come on down to the Slaughtered Lamb, the best inn in stormwind! (Don't sue us HoY/P&W! Razz)

Warning a visit to the Lamb may include several barfights and dark magic of all kind, enter at own risk


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