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Hiring staff

Post by Broncrast on Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:40 am

Rey D. Broncrast is hiring at his very own shop in Old Town, Rey's Blades (Honest Blades).
I'm looking to make this place a small RP hub where people can gather for a bit of "slice-of-life" work RP and socializing. This place is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to check it out IC or even OOC, just contact me on here or in-game if you have any questions.

Are you new to this server and looking to start RPing? What better way than finding a job for your character to start with! Can always use more money and maybe Rey can teach you something about how to bang a hammer against all the different kinds of metal that are found on Azeroth, among other places.
My character has maxed Blacksmithing as a profession and I have collected various Plans to expand the selection of goods I can make for people IC if they would want something actually made. This comes in handy for RP, people will have a good excuse for using that fancy new set of armor or that glorious weapon they've wanted to use, I think we can all agree it is boring just walk into your guild with a new piece of gear with no real explanation for where it came from.
This workshop also creates random RP, someone comes and gets a new weapon etc, tells a friend and then there it is, a nice circle of people getting to know each other.

For IC development my character, Broncrast, can offer to teach your character about blacksmithing as I have already mentioned but he also has a different set of skills that he can share, such as hand to hand combat, weapon knowledge, armor weaknesses, general weapon training and let's not forget he is an old man and has plenty of stories to share with the young whippernsappers who enters his shop.

Here is a link to the thread for my shop, check it out if interested:
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Questions? Contact me at any time ^^

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