Gallyndra - Chapter Three: Tarlon's Breaking Point

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Gallyndra - Chapter Three: Tarlon's Breaking Point

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Thu May 27, 2010 3:15 pm

This story is the turning point in Gallyndra's past, giving a view on her brother before "chrushing blows". Once again not everything has been written by myself, since I am working together with the person actually playing Tarlon ingame Wink

The stench filled his lungs violently as he galloped inside slowly, trying to adapt his senses to tolerate it step by step rather than inhale it all at once. The horseshoes were softly treading on the hay, making almost no sound, thanks to that slowing down of pace. The only thing he welcomed was the shade, sliding over him under the shed, defeating the harsh midday sun.

Another hard day of training was over, it was time for him to enter his home, lay his back on the soft sofa cushions, enjoy a relaxing drink... and see her. Her. How she had grown inside him over the years. For the past few months, he was sure. He loved her. How unfair it was, to have to hold back. He could see it in her eyes, he'd swear it was there, things would've been different if she hadn't been adopted to be his sister. And that lost possibility was tearing him apart.

A smile formed on his lips, upon entering the stables, thinking of her, picturing how he'd want her to welcome him home, lean her soft skin to comfort his tired body, do things to ease down his fatigue and exhaustion. One day, somehow, some way...

As the horse kept treading lightly on the piles of hay, he thought he could discern voices. The servants, slacking and bantering as always. He sighed to himself, quickly holding his breath as their words became more clear. He knew of her sister's fascination for one of them, but.. this was not something he expected to hear.

Loud chuckles and teasings amongst the peasants, words escaping them, words that should never have been whispered... and yet here they were, speaking them out loud, even enjoying them... They found their way to his ears.. through his ears, to his mind.. his heart.. his soul.. ripping it all inside out and laying him to waste...

Their crude language, their loud belching laughter, their unrefined and despicable descriptions.. no... it couldn't be.. They must be talking about some local harlot... he hoped... he wished.. with all the strength of his soul...

He froze in place. He heard her name. They were not talking about someone else. They were talking about her. His sister. The woman he hurt for.

Thankful for his slow and unnoticed entrance, he turned the horse around carefully, letting it slip back outside. As the sun rays fell on his face once again, there was something different than when he was entering. A cold expression on his face, scaringly contrasted by the glistening of the light on his wet eyes. His lips were sealed tensely, struggling to hold himself in one piece.

Noble men don't cry.

Several hours later the man made his way back home, moving silently in the dark while his mind was racing, his feelings aching deep within. Something had been broken inside him that he couldn't put aside. With tensed shoulders her marched directly into the direction of their library, knowing well that SHE would be there, like she was every night.

Tarlon felt furious, hurt, but most of all betrayed. He had warned her not to see him, not realising how big her involvement with the stableboy was, merely shoving it away as innocent attraction. She was his afterall, it was there in her eyes, he surely had seen it and recognised it.

How could she turn his back on him, after all efforts he had been doing over the last years to treat her as the precious jewel she had grown into, desperate on making up for the years that he had been seeing her as just a little invader in his house.

No man was blind for her beauty, he had tried hard to fight it, the desire that had built up inside him, that grew into much more then just the love of siblings. Now he had to punish her for her betrayal, for her unclean behaviour. Tarlon felt how his desire to posses her grew inside him, fueled by his anger, all he could think about was crushing her mind, make her learn about her mistakes .... yes, all he desired was that she was his, he did no longer care about his ways, about what she would think. No Something snapped earlier that day when he had heard how the lowlife servant was telling his friends about her .... in the most indecent ways.

With a strong grip Tarlon opened the door of the library, tugging his mouthcorners into a wicked grin when he saw her sitting in the moonlight filled room, his heart froze and the ache grew stronger. The fel green eyes darkened and narrowed into small slits when he closed the door behind him and locked it with one smooth movement of his fingers, in the same time parting his lips to speak, the venom drenching his words.

"As always you can be found in here, reading one of your endless books -sister-"

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