The Pig and Whistle

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The Pig and Whistle

Post by Centax on Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:47 pm

After meeting with the Minister of Trade, the appropriate permits have been granted and the ownership of the establishment ‘The Pig and Whistle’, located in the Old Town district, has been transferred to myself, Centax, Lord of house Yore, through purchase.

The Pig and Whistle will have food for the hungry, drinks, warm and cold, for the thirsty, and seats for the tired.
Come and enjoy an evening at The Pig and Whistle!

With the addition of the Pig and Whistle to house Yore's property, it opens more work positions to those that wish to partake in this line of work, including but not limited to:


House of Yore is moving their unofficial HQ to a more suitable location. Therefore we decided upon buying a place. The Pig and Whistle will of course be free to people as always, however it may often be scene to Yore activities or events.

Note also that HoY currently lay no claim to any other building. Other buildings associated with Yore; Stormwind Guardhouse ((The building located in Old Town near the Training dummies, containing the hunter/warrior trainers))

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