Filthiest of casuals

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Filthiest of casuals

Post by Corfast on Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:34 am

So I've been semi-lurking these forums for months now and thought it might be appropriate to introduce myself. I played for the first time in BC momentarily, quickly stopping again as any major city prompted a blue-screen. Many years later I trade my soul again (this time succesfully) and have returned to take part in what I like. This results in finding DB.
I suck at PvE, I suck moderately at PvP, and I like to think my RP gets better.

So on the realm I've already RP'd quite a bit with toons in guild such as Yore, Wardens, Azure, Blue Recluse, Defias Syndicate etc. I'm familiar with ressources for RP'ing in terms of AddOns and miles of RP-guides, yet despite that only got a single character I'm somewhat pleased with.

Irrelevant idea:
Having a fair amount of toons awaiting purpose, I'd be delighted to assist lone events and campaigns as well as new initiatives. How would I do that? You got a character you either cant (or wont) act out in RP, you gather relevant details for me, and you forward the whole to me (Purgatory#2118). I hopefully find your idea amazing and is included in whatever portion I hold responsibility of.
Reason for the above is a wish for more "IC relations" and less stress on the event managers. Whether you simply want a guy to run down to your guild yelling warnings before being shot or wish for your characters dimwitted cousin to return, trying to claim ownership of the farm. Bottomlining the idea, you write (parts of) a person you wish RP'd in Azeroth and I get a purpose for a character, reserving the right to utilize same character later, if the IC permits

TL;DR: I'm a friendly noob who likes roleplaying.

Hope to see you all online!


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Re: Filthiest of casuals

Post by Reynard on Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:38 am


I love this idea (as a casual player it quite appeals to me too!).

Are you still lurking/around? If so then I have a couple of ideas that you could certainly help with.


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