[A] <The Blue Recluse> [RP & PVP/E]

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[A] <The Blue Recluse> [RP & PVP/E]

Post by Kelinn Everstride on Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:10 am

Guild Leaders: Kelinn Everstride, 2ic: Flemk Meserath

Who are we? What do we offer?

We are a growing guild that is primarily RP, but also takes part in a bit of everything.
We hope to become a HUB for the RP community in general, and casual RP can be found in the Recluse most evenings.

We run the Blue Recluse Tavern, offering the usual bar services, but we are also available for other guilds to have 'Staffed Functions', (eg Weddings, Promotion Ceremonies etc), leaving those guild members free to enjoy their evening. We do venture out of the City on various 'excursions,' and as concerned citizens we like to 'do our bit', helping Azeroth and its peoples. We have everything from Paladins to Mercenaries frequenting the Recluse, so come on in and join the fun!

Whilst there are members with 'jobs' in the Recluse, there are also members who are 'customers', so you don't have to worry about any full time commitment.
We welcome new RPers, and are happy to help show them the basics.

So if you are interested, just speak to a member of the Staff

What happens when?

Our average week is something like this:

(Everyday may or may not have an RP event, but casual RP can usually be found in the bar in the evenings)

Monday : RP-PVP/RP
Tuesday: The Stormwind Council & RP
Wednesday: Battleground Team Progression & RP
Thursday: RP/events/Dungeons/WQ
Friday: RP/events/Transmog Runs
Saturday: RP/events/Dungeons
Sunday: RP/events/Dungeons

We have No web page.

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Available to Hire!

Post by Kelinn Everstride on Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:59 am

Posters appear on the noticeboards around the City, they read as follows:

Why not use The Blue Recluse and our Fantastic Staff and facilities as a place to promote that member, or have that meeting? We can offer you a fully Staffed Location, for many Parties, Funerals, Weddings, whatever you may require! Support your local businesses so we may continue to support you!

It is signed,  Kelinn Everstride

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