[A] <The Blue Recluse>

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[A] <The Blue Recluse>

Post by Kelinn Everstride on Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:10 am

Guild Leaders: Kelinn Everstride, 2ic: Onomatopoeia.

A small, but slowly growing, new guild that will be based around The Blue Recluse Tavern, with all the trials and tribulations that brings.
We intend seek out and protect our trade contacts for 'beverages' and otherĀ 'under the counter' items, as well asĀ the other 'services' we provide. We will look after our own, and protect what we hold dear, from our economic interests to our sense of justice and morals.

We will have events in the tavern and hope it will become a hub for all sorts of rp.

*We are looking for Staff in all our roles, so speak to one of us if you might be interested.

No web page as of yet.

Kelinn Everstride

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