Kagoro Tsuneru

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Kagoro Tsuneru

Post by Sagefire - Dove on Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:30 am

The information below is currently subject to change and improvement!

Character name: Kagoro Tsuneru (Tsuneru-DefiasBrotherhood)
Alias: Trade Master
Gender: Male
Age: 40's
Race: Pandaren
Class: Shaman

Birth region: The Wandering Isle
Specific area/town: Dai-lo Farmstead
Family: Kagoro Ziangpu (Father), Kagoro Kanora (Mother), Upper ranked members of Clan Coth (Treated as family).
Known friends or enemies: Colbjorn the Vrykul, Dosar

Description: Brown and white fur, whith some grey tufts amongst the brown. He carries with him his personalized walking cane, which is built to be used to tap kegs. While he doesn't need the cane to walk, his back and legs tire after frequent long journeys, and he believes it makes the journeys seem to go a bit faster. More often than not he is wearing armour that looks mercenary in nature, as it is far easier to maintain and repair than intricate or more ceremonial armours. While not often armed, he is known to use to wield his cane in a fight, topped by a metal keg which he carries on long journeys. This functions as an effective bludgeoning weapon when the need arises, otherwise he makes do with his connection to the elements.
Personality: Quiet and contemplative before you get him speaking, but loud and hearty when he gets going. Unlike many Pandaren he values moderation in the consumption of food and drink, his gut mainly due to the need to stay warm and his races tendency to store fat. He tries to strike a balance between the Tushui and Huojin philosophies, being both reactive and proactive to threats. He enjoys hard work, often appearing bored when he is without duties, and enjoys the company of most he meets. His trust is easily gained, but also easily broken. He is not violent by nature, and tries to resolve conflict through other means. This does not mean he will not fight when pressed, as he is quick to protect his Clan and his beliefs, and by no means is he necessarily a "good" person.
History: (This story is in alpha!) At a young age Kagoro Tsuneru (Tsuneru to his friends and family) was sent to train, as many were, at Shang Xi's monastery. He trained all his life to become a Monk, learning martial arts and studying the history of his people and the world. He was always curious about what lay beyond in the world foreign to his people, and of the strange creatures and peoples not seen since the mists rose around his ancestral home of Pandaria. He witnessed the departure of Chen Stormstout from the Wandering Isle, and wished he could follow the now famous Pandaren to wherever he may go.

He finally got his chance, and set sail with a number of his brethren, saying goodbye to his family home for possibly forever. They arrived in Western Kalimdor to find traces of a Pandaren settlement in the Stonetalon Mountains, presumably left by Chen and his followers. The travelers began a new life there, still accustomed to the settled life they had back home. Tsuneru, fueled by fringe meetings between his people and the Tauren, often made journeys down from the mountains, where he experienced the Tauren culture, their crafts, and how their connection with nature and the elements. Intrigued and eager to learn, Tsuneru learnt the ways of the Shaman, and during his studies met members of Night Elf society and, after their arrival, the Horde.

As time went on Tsuneru felt the best way to continue his journey with the natural forces of the world would be to head out and experience them. He traveled alone for awhile before finally arriving in Winterspring. There he met a people he had an innate kinship with, the furbolgs. He integrated himself in their society and culture, learning their take on shamanism. He encouraged relations between the various furbolg tribes and the more "civilized" races of Kalimdor, where he fostered a new found love for trade and commerce. Taking up many crafts from the cultures he met, he joined the crew of a Night Elf trading vessel and bartered his goods across the world, including the Human kingdoms of Lordaeron and Stormwind. It was during this time that he met his friends and allies that would come together to form the First Council of Clan Coth (but that is another long story for another time). Seeing opportunity in the human lands, he left his Elven crew and signed on with numerous human trade companies, until he wished to begin his own. Wanting a group wished to pursue trade and craftsmanship for more than just money, the Clan Coth was founded as both a family and a business. A traveling band up until now, the Clan seeks now to consolidate themselves in the Alliance territories.
Things you may know about this character: He has not settled anywhere for awhile. He is working as a chef at the Blue Recluse part time. He represents a trading family known as Clan Coth. He is fairly fluent in Darnassian.
Things you may not know about this character: His beliefs are his utmost priority, followed by his clan. He follows a fairly common philosophy in a rather unique way. He is fluent in Ursine, Orcish, and Taur-ahe.
Possible crime record: None under Alliance law, a few in a couple of Furbolg settlements.

Other information: There is a hidden and secretive side to this character and the group he represents, but I would rather have it play out in RP and see if it can work like that Very Happy

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