•IC• Letters to the Senate

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•IC• Letters to the Senate

Post by Webbles on Wed May 04, 2016 10:20 am

OOC info:
This is where you can write IC letters to the Senate or the Embassy, etc. — including application letters, if you prefer writing them on the forums rather than in-game.

The format ought to be something like this wrote:To: the Senate/Embassy/...
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Re: •IC• Letters to the Senate

Post by Azapha on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:32 pm

**A letter Addressed to Chancellor Blackforge is received in Ironforge during the late hours of the night , the letter has a black wax seal with crossed keys & a key hole below. the paper is a heavy grade and of high quality**

letter in text format:
Dear Chancellor and Senators

Azapha is writing this to you in regards to the position of the Senator of Occult position and would like to be considered for the role as she thinks she is both more than qualified and experienced for the position

Azapha has many years of experience in magic dating back to when she was but ten years of age when she first began to study arcane in Gilnaes, Azapha has studied many forms of magic and considers herself a researcher and scholar above her skills in use of magic. Azapha has taken many long travels to expand her understanding of magic such as her trips to the Kirin Tor libraries and violet tower, she has also taken up her own research outside of books into the field where she has uncovered her own answers on many occasion.

Skills & Experience

Advanced Understanding of curses – Azapha can personally name over a hundred curses from there most basic forms to some of the most devastating works ever known (and some not so well known) without needing to reference from books.

Banishment of Demons and otherworldly beings – Azapha can claim to the banishment of a number of demons she has faced over the years, including a Nathrezim which you may know more by the name Dreadlord, countless smaller demons and a number of out of control elementals.

Experience in Tactics of the Burning Legion – Azapha's research has lead often into contact with creatures that often fall into the ranks of the Burning Legion and has learn much from this. Azapha has much knowledge and understanding of many of the abilities and dangers of many demons and nightmares you probably wish you never knew of.

Knowledge in Fel, Void and Arcane – Azapha has MUCH experience in the corrupting effects of all forms of magic, Azapha could go into details but she assumes you would prefer to not have a two hundred page parcel attached to her application.

Azapha can say she has studied the Faith of the Holy Light and understands its beliefs and the virtues she can name from memory, Azapha cannot claim to understand any differences in the faith between the Dwarven temple of the light to what she has learned from Stormwind but she is more than able to invest some time into studying this before the next Senate.

Thank you for taking time to read Azapha's letter and she hopes you consider her, she understands that there may be questions you wish to ask about why Azapha considers her self a good choice for a Senator role. Azapha will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have in person.

Until we meet, may the shadows of the light find you
**signed Azapha Kaylock Hutchins**

((OOCly apologies for the quality of picture, apparently i could not make it less blurry when uploading it, looks stunning on my PC at least ^^))

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Re: •IC• Letters to the Senate

Post by Azapha on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:32 am

To Chancellor and Senators of the Iron forge Senate
Azapha writes to you again in regards to the Senator of Divine position and wishes to be considered as she believes she is more than qualified for the role.
Azapha has many years of Experience in magical affairs dating back to her first studies in Gilneas of the arcane, she has since that time extended her reach beyond the arcane and began her studies into OTHER areas of magic, most notably known by many fel magic and the demonic, however Azapha has also studied the void and shadow magic in a practical form as well. Azapha has traveled far Expanding on her studies and explored the corners of Azeroth having spent time in the Library of the Kirin Tor in the Violet tower as well as more practical on the field research.

Experience in Curses and Hexes – Azapha has seen and experienced so many curses and is more than confident in her ability to identify and reference many without need of books, she can name and describe over a hundred curses from the most basic forms to much more devious and sinister works

Banishment of otherwordly beings – Azapha has personally banished a number of Demons back to the twisting nether including one Nathrezim (often more known by the name Dreadlord) many lesser demons and on occasion a few out of control elementals

First hand dealings with the Burning Legion and its followers- Azapha though her studies has often ended up in contact with Creatures that often associate themselves with the Burning Legion, most notably Demons but also cultists and other questionable types who often follow such madness, though these encounters Azapha has grown rather aware of the abilities and dangers commonly used by such things.

Studied in the corrupting effects of magic – Azapha can say her understanding of the corrupting effects of magic (not just fel) are something she has high awareness for, has seen from its earlier to more progressed forms of corruption.

Final Note
Azapha has spent time studying the faith of the holy light and understands its virtues (in fact can name them from memory rather well)
Azapha expects there may be some questions you have regarding her suitability to the role, Azapha is more than willing to answer questions in person over any unsuritys or concerns you may have.

May the shadows of the light find you
Azapha K Hutchins


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Re: •IC• Letters to the Senate

Post by Cid on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:37 am

To: Azapha Hutchins
From: Lord Cyrik Blackforge

I'm pleased to see applications come in for senator-positions, especially when it seem to be from experienced casters and users of magic such as yourself. In these dire times it is especially good to be able to handle and dispatch of demons in a proper manner, thus your expertise is certainly welcome. Come to the next Senate gathering and we will discuss this further.

Titans guide your path
Lord Cyrik Blackforge, chancellor.


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Re: •IC• Letters to the Senate

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