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[A] Intelligence archive

Post by Naroma on Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:12 am

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Following various repeat occurrences and miscommunication, an official line of intelligence sharing is to be established between organisations of the Alliance, subjects and investigations of mutual interest are to be compiled and accessible in the form of intelligence dossiers, locked securely within SI:7 headquarters in Stormwind's Old Town, access available on request of Stormwind officials.  

Creating a dossier
Should you possess information to benefit an ongoing case or compiled file this can be added by yourself directly by seeking one with access to the dossiers, or by sending correspondence to a participating official. It is possible for you to compile your own records for entry into the intelligence archives, though due to restrictions and a high standard of professionalism they must be compiled in accordance with the agreed guidelines.

Guideline approved dossier example:

Investigation title: The cult of lawbreaking

Details: The cult of lawbreaking have been breaking the law, and have at current killed three people. They are suspected to reside within the Hillsbrad Foothills, though they may have eyes and ears around Stormwind. Investigations are not advised without authorisation. The cult of lawbreaking currently have a warrant of arrest for any members. The members of the cult wear red robes with a small goat insignia.

Participating organisations: < The Guild >

Primary contacts:Lighty Mcguildmaster of < The Guild >


Accessing the archive
Participating organisations will gain authorisation from any governing body of the Alliance, be this the Senate of Ironforge, the Stormwind Council or otherwise. Levels of access are to be decided on a per organisation basis. Due to the varied nature of private Alliance aligned organisations (military or otherwise) a blanket level of access would be impractical and present a security risk. All organisations granted access will be provided clearance to use the archive. Access entails the entry of two designated organisation officials, escorted by an Alliance military officer independent of the organisation seeking access.

Example scenario:

Naroma Herandir and Oacenth Sanderson of the Theatre of Blood get approved for archive access. They request entry to the archive and are turned away due to lacking an independent escort. Naroma seeks out David Guardman, David is enlisted with an Alliance provate militia and asks if he would be his independent escort. Upon agreement Naroma, Oacenth and David request entry to the archive, while reading the dossier of intelligence they required, an armed guard remains within the room at all times. Exit is granted once all appropriate documents are locked back up and all those present are ready to leave.


Purposes and uses (OOC)
First and foremost this can serve as a way to promote more roleplay -between- guilds, and provide reasons for storylines to involve other organisations, even if just for a short piece of RP around requiring an escort to the archive. The archive would exist as an in game entity as well as a forum post for the actual content of said dossiers. I understand this is very rough around the edges and am open to ideas, criticism and constructive input. A few weeks back it was raised in character to have a method of sharing Alliance intelligence amongst various organisations, and I hope this would serve that purpose, encourage more inter-guild RP and add some interesting parts to investigation/storyline RP.

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