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Jormus Darrowfell

Post by Jormus on Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:15 pm

Character name: Jormus Darrowfell
Alias: Jormus Cliffroar of Clan Darrowfell
Gender: Male
Age: ~126 (Prime)
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Hunter

Birth region: Twilight Highlands
Specific area/town: Kirthaven
Family: Floydan Darrowfell (Father, Deceased); Tatiana Greymirth (Mother); Khordun Darrowfell (Cousin)
Known friends or enemies: Enemy of all demons and destroyers.

Description: The first impression one may get of this dwarf is a cultivated, perhaps civilised, wildness and primality. He looks not quite like a disciplined rifleman and not quite like a savage barbarian, occupying a comfortable space in between.

In the wild, this dwarf carries a powerful-looking crossbow. Accordingly, two quivers (parcel-form) are attached to his belt, always bulging with bolts. Upon closer inspection, each quiver holds a different kind of ammunition: one carries blunt iron bolts, and the other is full of sharp ones. On his belt is also a signal horn, carved with elaborate, spiralling designs. Next to it, a knife in its holster. Over his shoulders is draped a moss-green fur cloak, thick, wide, and long, covered in spiraling patterns. A similar texture can be found on Pandaria's stags. The inner side is lined with a soft, brown fur, probably marten or beaver. The rest of his gear is well-suited to travels in the wilderness, hunting, and survival. If seen in he wild, he will likely be carrying a pack on his back or under his cloak, with a visible sleeping bag, tent, and space for supplies.

His beard has a few brown feathers woven throughout, likely hippogryph. Keeping to his Wildhammer tradition, he has a few simple tattoos on his arms and face in burnt umber ink.

He wears a signet ring on his right hand. It appears to be an alloy of copper, and is engraved with a simple symbolic oak tree on a hill.

To others with a heightened sense of magic, it will be clear that much of his gear is enchanted. Indeed, the most perceptive might guess that he has enchanted it himself, even though he tries to hide this fact.

In the wild, he is usually accompanied by a large brown female bear.

History: As a child, Jormus had been fascinated by his father Floydan’s stories and legends of the order of the Unseen Path, inspiring him to become a hunter and explorer. Floydan may have been a member of the Path himself, but he took this knowledge with him to the grave during his failed attempt at hunting the dragon Azregahn.

Jormus joined Jaina Proudmoore’s expedition to Kalimdor during the Third War, participated in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and helped to defend the elven lands of Northern Kalimdor from the Burning Legion. It was during his time in Darkshore that he befriended the brown bear Ferra, who has remained at his side since.

He remained in Kalimdor after the war, ranging the wilderness and learning a great deal about the ways and customs of the native races and tribes. Notably, during his time in Feralas, he learned how to enchant his gear and items from the surviving Highborne of Eldre’Thalas.

Some time after Illidan’s escape to the Broken Isles, Jormus joined a party of Night Elf sentinels sent to chart the isles in the aftermath of the Third War. It is rumoured that during this time, his childhood aspirations came to fruition, and he was inducted into the order of the Unseen Path. On the isles he tamed a giant (in Dwarf terms) moose, which now serves as a carrier, mount, and companion during Jormus’ travels.

Since then, he has resumed his journeying, returning to the cities and his ancestral homelands in between. Jormus does not consider himself very invested in the Alliance, preferring to make his own way about the world. Currently, Jormus’ purpose in life is to explore. There is much of the world left for him to travel. When in the cities, he aims to strengthen his social bonds and create new ones that might be useful to such a vagrant person.

Due to spending so much time in Kalimdor, Jormus speaks Common and Dwarvish fluently, enough Darnassian to get by, and a smidge of Taurahe.

He is the cousin of the retired Senator-Ambassador Khordun Darrowfell.

Things you may know about this character: It is very clear that this man has been around. Some say he's even explored the Azshara Crater, braved the wilderness of Northeron, and traversed the Broken Isles...
Veterans of the Third War who fought in Kalimdor may recognise him.
Things you may not know about this character: He took on the last name ‘Cliffroar’ after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, during which he emerged on top a cliff, roaring in unison with his bear and raining hell down upon the demons below.
Jormus is a member of the Unseen Path–but non-members would not know this.
Possible crime record: Small-scale theft of supplies to survive.

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