Druids & Shamans: Can their spells be manipulated by the other?

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Druids & Shamans: Can their spells be manipulated by the other?

Post by Elrua on Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:02 am

As the title says, I've recently got into a discussion with two of my friends - one is a Druid player, who believes that, as the very essence of Nature (Or commander), then Druids will be able to manipulate and take control over the Shamanistic abilities which is granted to the Shamans, as they control Elements of Nature(ie, fire, water, earth, wind) and vice versa.

A second friend I spoke to was also unsure on this and went on to ask someone they knew as a lore-buff. Such person said that it may be possible that there would be a ->|<- effect, but no chance of manipulating the other's spells, as they come from two entirely different sources.

Upon trying to do my own research, there's not much on it. There's snippets which say that Druids cannot call fire or earthquakes, (unless they're a Druid of the Flame, for the latter), but they can everything else.

I've now turned to you guys Smile

Ultimately, the question is this:

If a Druid casts a spell of wind, water, ect - Can a Shaman take control of it? Similarly, vice versa.
Secondly, as an Elemental is a manifestation of an Element - or a form of Nature - could a Druid manipulate and take control of such, or direct it elsewhere?

- Thanks in advance!

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Re: Druids & Shamans: Can their spells be manipulated by the other?

Post by Skarain on Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:59 pm

I'll start by quoting our most recent lore of the classes.

Guardians of nature who seek to preserve balance and protect life, Druids have unmatched versatility on the field of battle. This is in part because druidism is much more than a fighting discipline—it’s a way of life steeped in traditions so ancient that even the origin of their kind is preserved largely in mythology passed on through millennia.

Druids harness nature’s raw energy for an incredible breadth of offensive and defensive abilities, as well as to restore life to the wounded. Through communion with nature and the demigod Cenarius, Lord of the Forest, Druids are supernaturally endowed with the gift of shapeshifting, allowing them to take the form of all manner of nature’s creature and access powers as distinct as they are diverse.

The elements that carve form into the universe are fluid forces of nature. Some beings seek to bend the power of these natural elements to their will. Druids, however, worship the protecting spirits of nature. Long ago, nature’s equilibrium  was thrown out of balance, leaving the world vulnerable to catastrophic events, including the first invasion of the Burning Legion.

By leveraging the sacred powers of the moon, the sun, and the stars, balance druids access arcane and nature magics—made more potent still through shapeshifting, when the spellcaster takes the form of the moonkin—to aid in the fight against imbalance that threatens the natural order of all things.

Feral druids also seek to curb imbalance in nature. They observe the fantastic intricacies of the physical world and the delicate fabric in which all living creatures are given purpose. Whether on land or in the sea, in a lush jungle or an uncultivated desert, death is part of the cycle which sustains life. Nature is an eternal dance between predator and prey.

As a shapeshifter, the feral druid endlessly pursues a greater understanding of this truth. They seek a visceral connection to the wild, and in combat take the form of a deadly feline predator. Feral druids become ferocious, agile stalkers—ripping, biting, and bleeding their enemies dry. The forces of chaos are tamed by the druid’s primal fury.

Like their feral brothers and sisters, guardian druids attune themselves to nature through the animal kingdom. They commune with the wild to understand how life perseveres through adversity. They know that the creatures who survive are often those built to best protect themselves and their kin. In this, the guardian druid finds a deep and harmonious value in the steadfast—all the while recognizing that sturdiness requires an aggressive stance when danger comes near.

Taking the form of a great bear, the guardian druid becomes a massive wall of fur, claw, tooth, and rage, aided by the forces of nature, standing between allies and any opposing threats.

The many gifts provided by nature must sometimes be reciprocated. Restoration druids seek order in the world by tending directly to its many life forms. Friend to flora and fauna alike, restoration druids celebrate birth and growth. Where there is decay, they bring rejuvenation. Where there is abatement, they summon regrowth. Life not only needs protection—it needs nourishment.

To foster this harmony, the restoration druid builds a bond with the things that grow, gaining inspiration from the flower’s bloom, the seed’s sprout, the mushroom’s spores, and the tree’s growth. Like nature, the restoration druid perseveres through patience and persistence, the foundation upon which all life is built and sustained. They use this power to mend wounds and provide persistent remedies that keep their allies from falling.
For millennia, since the primitive tribal cultures of Azeroth and Draenor, the natural elements of the physical universe have been celebrated, feared, and even worshipped. Mystics sought communion with the earth, air, fire, and water, and learned to tap into their raw power. In time, these spiritual guides came to understand that nature’s elemental forces aren’t wholly benevolent, but have, in fact, been locked in an unending conflict of chaos and primal fury that once consumed the physical realm. So began the calling of the Shaman, to bring balance to these volatile energies, leveraging their intensity to mend wounds . . . or inflict them.

Certain shaman have dedicated themselves above all else to forging a deep bond with the elements. They have peered beyond the Elemental Plane, gleaning visions of an ancient past where manifestations of volatile energies once raged unimpeded across primordial Azeroth. Through careful study and dedication, the elemental shaman is able to channel such power into destructive magical surges. Through the body of the shaman flows bolts of lightning, as if from storm, and bursts of fire, as if from molten earth. They manipulate the land itself and summon spirits of earth, fire, and storm to their aid. To battle an elemental shaman is to taunt the very forces of nature.

Intense communion with fire, earth, air, and water isn’t exclusive to the elemental shaman. In many ways, enhancement shaman similarly bond with nature and leverage its power on the battlefield. What distinguishes them in their training—and in their connection with the elements—is their combat methodology. These shaman favor empowering their physical attacks with elemental energies and facing their adversaries up close. They don’t shy from the frontlines, wielding magically augmented weapons, potent elemental attacks, and totems that shape the tide of battle.

Some shaman find a serene affinity for the restorative properties of water. These shaman do not necessarily seek the Light or turn to the divine, yet they feel a profound spiritual connection with the source from which all mortal life took root. So strong is their connection with water that the shaman is able to restore life and heal afflictions. They balance this with a command of the other elements, finding harmony in nature and purifying their allies as a tidal surge washes across a sandy shore.

Now going to the question itself.

Elrua wrote:If a Druid casts a spell of wind, water, ect - Can a Shaman take control of it? Similarly, vice versa.

I think it depends on the situation and element in question. Stopping a Water Bolt or a Tidal Wave mid-flight? Probably not possible. Easier to meet it with equal force for ->|<- reaction. Once a magical force has been summoned, I imagine stopping said spell would require enormous amounts of energy to stop it or turn it around.

There is one example ingame where Malfurion Stormrage "combats against wind" in Darkshore, the massive tornado threatening to tear the zone into bits. Likewise, Wind is a very fluid element. Even if someone would summon a storm, it may be easier to "take control of it" or stop it than.... let's say, a tidal wave. Likewise, countering a Cyclone spell might be very much possible with a reverse-spinning cyclone at the same place.

Elrua wrote:Secondly, as an Elemental is a manifestation of an Element - or a form of Nature - could a Druid manipulate and take control of such, or direct it elsewhere?

Druids do not deal with Elemental forces. They have no means or knowledge on how to take control of an elemental. At most, you can halt it advance/destroy it, but not control it. Likewise, a Shaman would probably not be able to take control of an Ancient (walking tree) or a Treant (another walking tree).


In general, I would advice against magic that try to take control of someone else magic. Such turns out easily into a battle of "raw power" and there is no power limit per say in roleplaying. Raw Power battles in turn.... not only are they dull, but both sides may think themselves more powerful than the other, so they'll just do Dragon Ball Z and "Kiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" to gather up more power.

A much more cool way to stop that example tidal wave is to either (druid) raise a wall of roots to serve as a tidebreaker, or (shaman) cause the earth to collapse and watch the wave to fall into the pit. You have many tools at your disposal to make the roleplaying more cool than having two trying to control the same one thing.

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