Sayign hello

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Sayign hello

Post by Praeceps on Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:11 am

Greetings everyone,

I haven't experienced much of WoW RP in the past as I never played much on RP servers. I did enjoy RP'ing in several other games but as most of my friends who I played with stopped playing my interests veired in other directions.
That said I recently decided to pick RP back up and transferred one of my characters to DB and here I am.

I must say I'm enjoying myself again when playing WoW so I hope to find some more opportunities to RP soon (/lfrp seems dead when I check it).

Not much else to add, you can find my character description here on the forums (Human - James Masters), feel free to ask any questions if you like.

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Re: Sayign hello

Post by Skarain on Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:34 pm

Greetings Praeceps. Welcome to the server and it RP forums.

/LFRP is actually active most of the time. You might just have picked a wrong moment to log ingame. Generally there are people in there every evening. They are usually focused on something, be it RP, PvP or PvE. Throw in a "Hi!" and usually you get a response. It is to a great place to ask questions on about, about the RP and where things are going.

As a word about the Roleplaying on this server, it is relatively guild focused. Random roleplaying can be found in different guild headquarters and areas in where said guilds hang on about.

As your character is on the Alliance, I suggest visiting Stormwind Council (Tuesday, 21.00 servertime, Petitioner's Chamber, Stormwind Keep), which is a city-council style event based to the Stormwind region matters.

Meeting o' Explorers in turn is one day later, at Wednesday (21.00 servertime), gathering up in Brook's Corner(tavern), Military Ward, Ironforge. It is an Explorer's League style event, in where the group goes to explore places of historical value and researching upon excavations and... such.

Thursday do host Ironforge Senate as far as my memory serves me, starting either at ...err, either at 20.00 or 21.00 servetime in The Library, Hall of Explorers, Ironforge. It to is a political gathering, this time just the Ironforge region matters.

There are a couple of other Public RP Events here and there. I recommend asking about them in LFRP and check to which events are bumped here on the forums.

Roleplaying is it most active on the evenings. I advice to seek it then.

Do ask if you have questions about Roleplaying, events or anything else. I may be harder to catch ingame these days, as I work long evenings and currently main a character on the Horde, but I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in case there is anything.

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Re: Sayign hello

Post by Zackarn Yorelas on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:40 pm

Welcome to the server (Realm) Praeceps!

Hope to see you around o/ and the advice above is sound, get out in the city after dark (20:00) and you will find it's a buzz of activity, and plenty of events to take part in.
Zackarn Yorelas

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Re: Sayign hello

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