Quipik Airpocket

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Quipik Airpocket

Post by Tantzui on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:56 am

Character name: Quipik Airpocket
Alias: Quip
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Goblin
Class: Geologist, Environmentalist, Shaman.

Birth region: Kezan
Specific area/town: Drudgetown
Family: Airpocket
Known friends or enemies: Horde loyal.

Description: At first glance you cannot be sure if his skin tone is slightly darker than usual or if it's just an extra layer of dust and dirt on him. Further looking at his appearance the second option seems to be more likely as his physique resambles something gained from hard work. But not from any kind of exercise that you get for only to please the girls, but from long days inside gold mines. Indeed a sort of working class hero fits to describe him better than usual business man or slick cool guy that Goblins usually are biased upon.

There is a certain warmth in his smile and presence of determination on his eyes. For a small goblin he stands tall and proud.

Personality: Quipik is often called fair and honest on Goblin standards. He tends to prefer action over planning and isn't afraid of taking risks. Adventures and always experiencing something new is in his blood. He finds stories and legends highly intriguing. He strongly believes in cooperation and that mutually gained profit is still profit.

History: Quipik lived in a Goblin city of Kezan untill events of Cataclysm when like rest of Bilgewater he joined the Horde. At that time Quipik decided to leave his old boring work as a gold miner and headed towards a career or archaeologist explorer. He's ambition for adventures and curiosity over old legends came in good use as he joined an adventure group called "Gaingrasp Expedition" and travelled across Azeroth. Everything went averagely good for few years.

Untill the tragic day came.. It was told that once in every three year these certain bee like creature in Silithus emit very rare honey, and that rich gourmets of Azeroth would sell even their mothers for a small sip. GG Expedition was already in bad money troubles after some accidents with murlocks, so they headed after this rumor of expensive Silithid honey and ventured inside their nests. For their trouble they indeed found what they were looking for, but didn't foresee how many of them resided in a single place. Group tried to fight them but Silithid were too much and expedition members were dropping down fast with deadly venom running through their veins. In his moment of despair Quipik however managed to call the elements on his side and collapsed the nest so he himself alone managed to escape alive.

Now rest of his ex-group dead he has returned to lick his wounds and see where his adventures continue to go next..

Things you may know about this character: Knows how to swing pickaxe.
Things you may not know about this character: Airpocket family name comes after legendary and mysterious 'Ace-Pilot Timdik Airpocket'.

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