In Need Of Roleplay Combat System Playtesters

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In Need Of Roleplay Combat System Playtesters

Post by Skarain on Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:09 pm

Thraego-ArgentDawn wrote:D20 tabletop system playable in WoW. A hope. A goal. A dream. A fantasy.

Or is it? (yes yes yes no)

Hey guys! I'm trying to put together a way to use the D20 system inside WoW and have a first draft that i feel is in a usable state, which is where you lovely people come in. Below are URLs to the current Getting Started and Combat Summary drafts which you should have a quick read through if you think this sounds like an interesting idea, and if you'd like to help out with playtesting please add me @ Thaddeusclay#1189 and give me a poke in-game. Once (if) we get enough people on board i'll sort out a date and throw everyone calendar invites for our first session.

Please be aware that during the playtesting there may be a lot of downtime where i'm trying to put things together, and changing rules, on the fly. I'll try to keep this to a minimum as much as possible. One of the reasons i'm making a post about this on the forums rather than roping guildies into helping is because i'm super paranoid about people being kind enough to help, then being taken by surprise by how much time they spend waiting for me to stop faffing about. Hopefully with all the info here everyone's going to have a decent idea of what's to be expected. i hope ^^

Getting Started
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Combat Summary
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Another thing that would help a lot is feedback on how much sense the above drafts make. It'd be great to hear from from people who-
- Have experience with the D20 system
- Have experience playing tabletop RPGs, but not the D20 system
- Have no experience with tabletop RPGs
- Have never even tried roleplaying and ended up here by accident.

So if you're going to leave feedback below, please also include which of the above you are as this'll help me get an idea of how user-friendly my language is.

Thanks everyone! Here's to (what i'm hoping will be) a brighter, more accessible and more immersive RP experience.
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Re: In Need Of Roleplay Combat System Playtesters

Post by Azapha on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:49 am

I'll have a read up and see what it is. But I think since my first rp experience was with d20 I'd like it regardless so I'll have a delve though

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