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Character name: ??
Alias: Deathwarlock of the Stormreaver
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (in human years, could anyone please tell me how old such an Orc would really be?)
Race: Green Orc
Class: Destruction Warlock

Birth region: Broken Isles
Specific area/town: Broken Shore
Family: Jean-Pierre, Jean-Tony, Jean-Mouloud Stormreaver (first degree cousins), parents, the Stormreaver tribe.
Known friends or enemies: Grak (childhood friend), all enemies of the Burning Legion (enemies)

Description: Yet undefined.
Personality: Erased when mind-controlled. See 'Things you may (not) know' below.
History: Left the Broken Isles to exact the Stormreavers' revenge on Thrall's Horde. Got mind-controlled by Kirochi on a failed attempt to seize control of Kiro'jin's mind again.

Things you may know about this character: Quiet and distant. Interested in Outland, Draenor and the Broken Isles. Hates his first name because it sounds ridiculous and too close to his cousins', whose parents have awful taste in names.
Things you may not know about this character: Under the mind control of Kirochi most of the time. A young, mad, power-hungry Stormreaver orc spy infiltrating the Horde to sell it out to the Burning Legion, unremarkable but brooding a never-ending hatred against both the Horde and the Alliance. When not under Kirochi's control, a danger to everybody else and to himself. Always on the verge of getting identified and tried as a traitor to the Horde. Frequently travels between Horde strongholds/battlefields and the Broken Isles. You may not know his first name.
Possible crime record: Misdemeanors, unrecorded betrayals and acts of cruelty towards many people (Alliance, Horde and Neutral).

Other information: Level 100 Horde Male Orc Destruction warlock. Professions: Skinner, Leatherworker.

More to come soon!

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