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Alias: the Waterforger, the Ever Slumbering
Gender: Male
Age: Over 30 in human years
Race: Pandaren
Class: Arcane mage/Runemaster

Birth region: Pandaria
Specific area/town: a bamboo cabin on a beach in the Jade Forest
Family: ??

Known friends or enemies: Young Palerage (male Pandaren mage apprentice), most of the Jinyu in the Jade Forest (waterforging and arcane teachers), Gimlivier Stormpike/Kiro'jin/Deathwarlock (male Dwarf/Troll/Orc remote mind control puppets)

Description: Unusually thin for a Pandaren. Taught by the Jinyu in the ancient craft of waterforging, which he uses to cut gems and shape jeweled staves. Dons an orange pointed sorcerer's hat with a veil concealing his face. Wields a waterforged custom staff.

Personality: Seldom leaves his cabin prior to Mists of Pandaria. Missing since the arrival of the Horde on his beach and the arson of his cabin. Control-obsessed (but not a control freak), power driven, prone to hiding his endeavors.

History: ??

Things you may know about this character:  Asleep most of the time. Nice, quiet but lunatic. Only meets with Tushui Pandaren and Jinyu.

Things you may not know about this character: Specialized in runes, ley lines, mind control. Casts his soul along a ley line to target and possess children and newborns, but his body lays in a coma while he is controlling his puppets. Very secretive and curious about the arcane and the Old Gods. Sometimes targeted by blue dragons but never identified nor found.

Possible crime record: Unrecorded habit of mind controlling Alliance, Horde and Burning Legion members.

Other information: Level 100 Alliance Male Pandaren Frost mage (Arcane RP-wise). Professions: Jewelcrafter, Scribe

More to come soon!

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