Ðivine The Insane [greetings, and history]

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Ðivine The Insane [greetings, and history]

Post by Ðaniel on Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:39 am

Greetings Roleplayers of DFB, as a new roleplayer i though it right to introduce myself and my characher, aswell as say hello and so far, im loving the RP part of the game, cant believe i played on a "normal" server for so long.

Ðivine The Insane

Born as a white sheep into a family of black sheep. Ðivines first years was not easy. With a family of only one parent, a father, and nine older brothers, one would think that she lived a protected, easy life. But nothing could be further from the truth.

       The family business was not a noble one, living as highway robbers on the small roads of Dark Shore. Ðivine could never come to terms with how her family made a living. In the first years of her upbringing she was constantly challenged by her older brothers, but never backed down, she was always the first to run into the dark caves her brothers did not dare to peek into and by far out witted and out smarted her brothers with her mind and her bravery from a very early age. Her family gave her the nickname "the insane" becaurce he never worried about her self, always protecting everyone, not caring for herself, very unlike her brothers, they though she was, insane.

       Fueled by a faith in something she didnt know what was untill many years later. she always knew that someone was taking care of her, someone would not let her get harmed, something bigger than her, and her family, was looking over her.

Though she never felt a part of her family, cowardly thiefs as they where. She lived with them for the first many years of her life. While secretly reading books of the gods that her father and brother came by while robbing the roads.
       As she grew. Her mind and faith slowly turned her family, she made them see the errors in their ways and one day, shortly after her fathers death, she convinsed her brothers to try to travel out of Dark Shore to find a new life, a good, honest life. They packed there few belongings and travelled south.

That was the day the Orcs attacked.

All nine brothers fell, Ðivine was spared, she never knew why, the orc commander just looked at her with a hungry smile and turned form her, covered in her brothers blood she tryed to heal them, from what she learned in the books she read, but noone answered her prayers. She was alone.

Maybe she never felt loved by her family, maybe she never loved them. But that does not mean any Orc can just kill everyone she ever knew, without awakening a hate in her heart she never felt the likes of before.


Alone she made her way out in the world, she knew it would be impossible to fight the Orcs alone, she needed to restore her faith, find out how to get the gods to answer her prayers, find an army to join and then.
She would never forget the Orc commanders ugly face.
then she would find him.

She Traveled the roads for many months, maybe years, she lost track of time. one day she found herself at the gates of
Stormwind. he saw the spires of the Cathedral rising over the city.

And for the first time in her life, she felt like home.

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Re: Ðivine The Insane [greetings, and history]

Post by Zackarn Yorelas on Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:54 am

Welcome to the forums Divine, glad you've joined us here *Wave*

Looks like a very colourful past, hoping to see you progress it with us in the House, nothing quite like revenge to motivate you on a personal quest for growth!

Also chalked full of "Monologuing" opportunities Very Happy

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