Blitz Co. A new inventors Guild/Company

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Blitz Co. A new inventors Guild/Company

Post by MCD123 on Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:52 pm

Hey Guys new to the forum here, first time posting. I've just started a new guild called 'Blitz Co.

The main idea behind the guild is that the Warcheif has given funding to a company owned by one of my troll alts Zo'blaid to research and develop new technology to help in the fight against the Alliance.

I have a few inventions that seem pretty plausible such as The Glyph Gun and the Sigil Bomb, both invented by my main on this server and the company's Rune Magic expert Celibrion.

Anyone is invited to join and I plan to run roleplay EVERY night in either Orgrimmar or Undercity, even if i do it alone. The roleplay revolves around inventing and research but the company has a toughened crew of security to mind any dodgy dealing with shady Goblins and such.

Rumors have been heard that the company once sold arms to the Alliance but this rumor is denied by all members. The company's inner circle is very secretive and little is known about their meetings with their clients and partners.

I'll do a little breakdown of the current members and how they will be interacting with you character if you choose to join.

Celibiron: Currently the companies leading expert on Rune Magic, takes death Knights and those who study Rune Magic as his employees. Full training on Rune magic is taught on the job and no prior experienced is needed. To Apply for the position of Rune Scientist please see Celibiron at the Undercity.

Zoblaid: Owner, resident firearms expert and Beast Master Zo'blaid takes on Gunsmiths as apprentices. No prior experience is needed but it would help to have a basics understanding of gun mechanics. To Apply for either the Gunsmith or Security: Beast Handler positions please see Zo'blaid at Orgrimmar

Zillimo: Former petty criminal and feared Techno-mage Zillimo is known for being a Gob who can get the job done. His teaching a laid back style but his inventions are some of the company's best known and loved. Zillimo takes anyone who has experience in either The Arcane arts or some background in technology and engineering. to Apply for either the engineer or the Arcane Technician positions please see Zillimo in Orgrimmar.

Cellinia: Cellinia is an expert on anatomy and mechanics and has created many Cyborg animals including her dead pet Mix. She teaches the ways in witch dead and living alike can have body modification and limb transplants. Any experience with surgery or the undead and living anatomy's please contact Cellinia at the Undercity.

Draeón: Head of security and Zoblaid's longest friend and former mentor Draeon has seen much war and violence making him a snappy and angry man. He only takes the toughest for his elite crew and his security guards are some of the best enforcers around. To apply for the position Security: Crew member see Draeón in Orgrimmar.

I'm looking for people to take manager postions (Officers). Managers will be in charge of their own lab/workshops employees. All help is welcome and you character doesn't even have to be a high level to get an officer rank .I've never ran a guild before so It's still a bit daunting to me and the whole thing is a working progress but i think with a good group of people Blitz Co could have a booming business.

Please mail me online for more info and we can do either an IC chat or a chat over Skype and take thing from there. Cheers guys Smile


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Re: Blitz Co. A new inventors Guild/Company

Post by Mallucis on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:38 pm

No matter what you are going to invent, my Gnomes will make even better version of it!

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